Friday Favorites: Trader Joe’s 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Hangry Kate

It is no secret that I have a teensy tiny Trader Joe’s addiction. If you live near one, you know how amazing difficult the struggle is. (ahem Mack) Not only do they have a wide and interesting selection of food ranging from to go foods and dreams are made of their Green Goddess dressing, to a frozen section that makes TV dinners cool again, but their seasonal foods put waiting for the next iPhone to shame. Starbuck’s PSL is amateur hour compared to TJ’s extensive pumpkin selection come fall. (which they were beginning to roll out yesterday when I went….EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!)

That is not why I love Trader Joe’s, though. I mean channeling my inner Julia Child, does play a huge roll, but so does not having to sell a kidney (looking at you Whole Paycheck!) to eat good food. The prices at Trader Joes are unbelievably reasonable and that is a win-win for my piggy bank (I’ll take any extra moolah to support my current Naketano addiction) and my stomach.


And let me tell you a win-win for my stomach is a win-win for the world, because a hungry Kate is an Hangry Kate and no one wants to be around a hangry Kate. Thankfully these Trader Joe’s staples makes sure that all is right and pleasant in my world, and keeps the hangries at bay!


This is my happy sauce. And Trader Joes knows it is my happy sauce by selling huge bottles of it. I swear they did it just for me (they want a happy Kate in this world!) I legit have a sriracha problem and while I haven’t had it on ice cream (which is a thing though I haven’t tried it) I put it on everything else so it is only a matter of time. You are warned!


Sriracha Ranch

Have I mentioned Trader Joe’s gets me? They just came out with Sriracha Ranch. Yes Sriracha ad Ranch got married and had a baby and this was the result and it is SO flipping yummy! I might be putting it on everything…maybe, kinda, most definitely am.


Banh Mi Bowl

The Bahn Mi bowl has made appearances in other Friday Favorites, but it being so darn yummy it calls for another mention. Made with sriracha tofu (I do NOT have a problem…Okay I kinda do) I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also may or may not buy ten of them at a time, again I refuse to admit to a problem!


Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus

FINE! I might need to go to spicy hot anonymous. If you couldn’t tell by now I love spicy food and while this isn’t overly spicy, this is my favorite hummus. EVER. Trader Joes is the ONLY supermarket (that I have found) that sells this flavor combination and it is so friggin yummy! I may have a tendency to have to buy this in bulk because I can eat a whole container….In one sitting. Oops!


Honey Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a huge staple in my diet and not only is it inexpensive at TJ’s, but I love the subtle sweetness of the honey. Mixed with fruit or granola it is the perfect light breakfast or midday snack.


Green Tea Lemonade

Shockingly my go to drink isn’t coffee, but water and plain water at that. Not only do I drink way more then the requisite amount, but I don’t really like anything else. Except the green tea lemonade from my man TJ’s. It is the perfect balance of tea and lemonade without being overly sweet. I always have this in my fridge and love to have a glass after a hot yoga class or a run in hundred degree weather. (because I am that person)


Chicken Salad

As a former vegetarian, I am not a huge fan of meat, especially chicken, but TJ’s has won my heart with their chicken salad. Made with walnuts and cranberries it is has a touch of sweetness amongst the savory and is perfect to eat as is, or to add it to a salad. I have also been known to add sriracha for some price. No I do not have a problem. Okay yes I do. 


Mini Peanut Butter Cups

TJ’s knows a way to a girls heart and has a huge selection of sweet treats. As a Reeses fan, my go to are the mini peanut butter cups because one everything mianture tastes better (amiright?) and two these are actually BETTER then Reeses.


Cold Brew Chocolate Bar

Confession: I grabbed this as I was checking out. Caramel AND cold brew mixed with chocolate? I HAD to try it. It would have been wrong NOT to. I am not a huge dark chocolate fan, but the coffee and caramel balance out the bitter richness of the chocolate to make this another go too.

Do you like Trader Joe’s? What is your favorite thing to buy there? Do you say grocery store or supermarket?  


I can’t end this without mentioning Hurricane Florence. Not only do I have family and friends (they evacuated) in both Carolinas, but Charleston holds an incredibly special place in my heart and while it isn’t home yet, eventually it will be. To know that it is getting pummeled by Hurricane Florence, and the high potential of destruction that is possible, breaks my heart. The Carolinas especially the coast is a place that has stolen a part of my soul for years. It is a mermaid’s paradise, filled with gorgeous beaches and natures preserves, stunning architecture, and rich in so much history. More then that it is filled with such kind, hospitable and genuine people. I am sending prayers, good juju and so much love to everyone who is affected. Please stay safe and I hope Florence looses her ‘Tude soon. Love you guys <3


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11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Trader Joe’s 

  1. YAASS GIRL, I feel you! The TJ love/hate. Steals your soul, but gives you so much in return! I freaking love the green goddess dressing- yesss. I would still love a hangry kate, but a hangry anyone does require a caution sign hehe. I’m literally gonna bookmark this post and use it as a shopping this. I do LOVE their cilantro and jalapeno hummus- SOOO good. What that honey greek yogurt is making my mouth water. As is everything else. Cannot wait to try some of these out. Thanks for sharing, love!

  2. Ooh I totally wanna try that TJ’s sriracha, does it taste the same or a bit different?! I’ve not heard of sriracha on ice cream lol but I have had a chocolate bacon jalapeno shake before!

    I neeeeed a Banh Mi Bowl and Cilantro Jalapeno hummus sounds out of this world!!! I’ve never seen the flavor combo anywhere either!

    Dark choco is my fave and I am drooling at just the name of that bar!!!! I need to go to Trader Joe’s this very instant!

  3. I’ve heard so many good things about Trader Joes! I definitely want to check it out if I’m ever in America 🙂 and omg i love tea so much, my favourite drink is also water but I love me some green tea!xx

  4. I have heard so many great things about Trader Joe’s!! The closest one is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from us so we never go, but I wish we had one closer. I have tried those peanut butter cups from other people before though and I agree, they are amazing!

  5. Ok, one: We have a Trader Joe’s over here but I never go because it’s kind of out of our way but I hear they have fantastic stuff over there lol. Two: I need to try that green tea lemonade!! And three: cilantro and jalapeño hummus!! 😀😀😀 TAKE MY MONEY!!! I am currently purchasing a pico de Gallo inspired one from a brand called sabra, and it’s one of the tastiest ever with a slight spicy kick but not really. It’s my favorite and I need to go find the one you’re talking about to see if it will beat the one I currently eat lol

  6. Yaaassssss! I love this Friday Favorites post! I so desperately wish I lived near a TJs. Sadly the closest one to me is all the way in town and I just cannot handle the traffic 99.9% of the time so I rarely get to go :(. However, with that being said, that cold brew coffee looks DIVINE. <3

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