Friday Favs: May 2020 Continued Quarantine Edition

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

Social Distance Strong 

When I shared my last Friday Favorites post (in March!) Social Distancing was just getting started, and truthfully felt like something of a dream, and now two month later it is still going strong, though my home state of New Hampshire, which is where I have been social distancing with my family, is slowly beginning to re-open some things up. The world we knew is very definitely changed, whether it is permanent or temporary, still remains in influx. It is hard to believe that in just two short months so much has changed!112FD603-68AF-4949-A106-91E01A4B1DAC

I know a lot of people are feeling a whole host of emotions, none of which can be labelled good or bad and all of which are okay and completely normal to feel. Sometimes we need to be told that it is okay to feel whatever the heck we are feeling, especially as we seem to get caught up in the labels and there are no labels, it is just this crazy rollercoaster called life which has a funny way of throwing us curves and here we all are tryin’ to STOP the curve.1CB3C8AF-1F6C-467A-BA1B-88101D3FA3A9

For the most part, I have been pretty okay with quarantine. I have definitely had some bad days, due in part to some health issues that decided to roar their ugly head during quarantine when I cannot get them fixed, but I have been trying to give myself TLC, especially on those tough days. I am definitely craving those warm summer days and the beach, unfortunately we aren’t their just yet, both with social distancing AND the weather, but I am finding ways to channel my inner mermaid. This list of Friday Favs is full of summer nostalgia to give me and you a dose of summer whilst in quarantine.


Knotical Earrings 

The first Friday Favs on the list is by a designer that has already made an appearance, (in March) but she just launched a new collection, so of course I need to give her another shout out. (actually I just need to give her, her own blog post!) Sewcialite is a nautical brand I discovered on Instagram and is sold through Etsy. The queen behind the brand, Roula makes gorgeous products using rope. She recently made a foray into jewelry and has created these gorgeous KNOTICAL (love a good play on words and this delivers!) earrings. They are cute, chic, and a statment while still being lightweight. They come in a ton of different colors, and make the perfect gift! I legit am obsessed!


Dalgona Coffee and my Melsy Mug

I had shared my Dalgona coffee post the other day, but I thought I would share this on here, because it is so darn yummy and deserves to be given even more love on Friday Favs! A trend on Instagram and Tik-Tok, this fluffy creamy whipped concoction has fast become a caffeinated staple during my day. The bonus? It is SO easy to make using just THREE ingredients!


While you traditionally serve it in a clear glass, European style, I am obsessed with my Melsy mug, that I got from Melsy Illustrations. She makes the chicest designs which you can customize (I did blonde hair), and her mugs aren’t just cute, but also large which I love! They hold ALL the Dalgona Coffee! I even did a Melsy Mimic because I am so obsessed.039D012A-6264-4BE3-A329-2AA38275CD76

Coffee Graphic tees

Pink Lily had been KILLING it with the graphic tees, especially those of the caffeinated version. As I am a certified coffeeholic (in my own head) I feel like I should be repping my love with fashion. Instead of his and hers t-shirts, I need hers and coffee and Pink Lily delivers with their wide selection of graphic tees. (Not just coffee, but they also have cute summer and Christmas graphic tees) You can also customize them. I typically size up, as I find they can run small.



This is a bittersweet Friday Favs as my Grandmother passed away in January and we had her burial this last Saturday. My aunt came up from Connecticut for it, (don’t worry she has been in quarantine as well, since my cousin is pregnant) and she made rhubarb pie that had been my grandmother’s recipe. I absolutely adore rhubarb pie and because I have Celiac Disease my aunt doctored it and made it Gluten Free. It just might have been the best thing I ever tasted and was made with so much love! My grandmother would have been so happy!


Turning My parents Yard into the Beach

While quarantine hasn’t been as much of a struggle for me as it has for others since working from home is what I have been doing anyway this last year, I have been missing and craving the beach something fierce. Whether I was in New York or visiting my parents, I always tried to go to the beach every couple of weeks if not every week especially as it got warmer. If I couldn’t, I would grab my towel and camp out in Central Park (responsibly) catching that Vitamin D. Knowing I would be in New Hampshire the beginning of spring, I had planned on getting as much beach as I could, alas thanks to COVID, life has had other plans.


I have had to adapt, especially as the seventy degree days are so spotty, I want to take advantage when we do have them. I have turned my parents yard into my own “beach.”  Beach chair, towel, books, and even a waves app on my phone, it is the closest I have gotten to the sandy shore in months and I even have WiFi to get work done! It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely getting me through until the day I get to dip my toes into the cold Atlantic again.


Sol Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream 

One of the things I love about Sephora is their samples! I discover the best products through their samples, which truth be told is WHY they do it. They know how to hook you! I received a sample of the Sol Janeiro Coco Cream a few months ago and I am in love! First, the smell is divine! It is beach and coconut in a jar of heaven! It instantly transports me to summer regardless of the time of year. The texture is light, yet it leaves my skin feeling ultra moisturized without being greasy. I recently received a sample of their Bum Bum cream which helps with firming, and I am so excited to try that. It is hard to believe but it smells even better then their Coco Cabana Cream.


Olaplex Bonding oil

One bright side to this pandemic is that since we are all stuck at home with janky nails and long ass roots, I feel like my hair has had time to recover and heal from not only being so overly processed this last year (WHY did I go darker?!?!) but also the stress and changes my body has gone through especially recently. A product I started using and have since noticed incredible results is the Olaplex Number 7 Bonding Oil.


I honestly can not believe it took me so long to use it! I have been hearing amazing things about it, and yet procrastinated for the longest time. My hair was in some dire help and I knew if I wanted to save it (and not have to chop it off!) I needed to give it some major TLC. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like much when you put it on, the application needs some work, but with in a day I noticed my hair was shinier and didn’t seem as frizzy or broken and as the weeks have gone on, it has only gotten healthier and even thicker. I also use the bonding lotion, and my hair feels the healthiest it has been in years, eight inch roots and all!



I know, I know, I shared this in my Friday Favs in March, BUT hiking has literally been my only outlet of getting out and seeing a change of scenery. There has been some controversy with hiking in my home state which is known fo their endless trails. I do understand, because people have not been respectful. (It only takes one person to spin the fun guys) That said, nature is the best source to get some therapy and as long as we all follow the rules, why not enjoy it?


Whether it is getting off the treadmill and going for a trail run in the woods, taking long walks, and of course hiking up mountains, I haven’t just been soaking up the nature, but reconnecting with it, which is so important, especially right now. It has become my meditation in movement. It isn’t the beach, but it is as good as, especially if it means my destination leads me to a waterfall.


How are you doing? How are you coping? What are some of your Friday Favorites you have been loving recently?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favs: May 2020 Continued Quarantine Edition

  1. That mug is adorable and that graphic tea with the coffee slogan suits you perfectly! Do you miss being able to get takeaway coffee or are places still selling it?

    Nice idea about bringing the beach to you! Those Sol de Janeiro creams must help things feel more beachy and summery too! x

  2. I want to go hiking!!!! And I love the mug and your towel, so cute! And I love how you’ve been using a waves app too- brilliant! Honey, it won’t be long till you’re dipping your toes in all the oceans again! Also can I say, I love how camping out at Central Park was a norm for you! Girl I wish I could chill there whenever I fancied! And yesss to that hair oil! I need to try! Love you gorgeous!

  3. I’ve definitely was curious about the whipped coffee, but when I saw the recipe, it looked so sweet, and just not something that I would be able to drink! It did look super aesthetically pleasing. Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your may 🙂 xxx

    Melina |

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