Friendships, Ferry Buildings, Fashion: Day Four

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” ~ Maya Angelou


Day four dawned with much excitement. I had been anticipating this day, weeks in advance before I ever arrived in the Golden City. I was finally, (FINALLY!) meeting Mack from MackMarie. After months of following her blog, salivating over her food pics, commiserating about Peet’s and feeling all the feels her writing on her amazing blog invokes, I was finally getting to meet the woman herself in person and I was bouncing off the walls… And no it had nothing to do with to much Peet’s!


We had decided to meet at the Ferry building in where else but Peet’s!

The Ferry Building

There is something about this building that I absolutely adore. I can’t quite put my finger on it. The last time I had visited San Francisco, my sister and I went there every day, and yes it was largely due to Peet’s being located there, as well as the farmer’s market that occurs every Saturday. I admit their is a large nostalgic factor. But I also love the vibes too.


If you live on the East Coast I would equate the Ferry Building to Quincy Market in Boston or Chelsea Market in New York.

Except it is better. MUCH better!

It isn’t just because there is a Peet’s or Mariposa, a gluten free shop. Though those two things certainly help. As real estate agents say, “Location. Location. Location.”


The Ferry building was opened in 1898 and has served as a transit hub ever since, though it has expanded to holding offices, as well as the food hall. It survived the 1906 and 1989 Earthquakes with little damage and has since become a historical landmark. Atop the ferry building like a beacon, beckoning ferry passengers to San Francisco, sits the largest wind-up mechanical clock in the world.


Despite the fact it can get packed, especially on the weekends, the architecture is light and airy with high ceilings, and brightened neutrals offsetting the brick walls and floor to ceiling windows that overlook the water.


With all the good eats it was hard to decide where to go to first. Sarah and I definitely ended up eating our way through. The bonus and special thing about this place was that we could take our food outside into the bright sunshine watching the boats drive by, and the people strolling through,

Meeting Mack

Being a New Yorker and knowing how the MTA operates or doesn’t operate, Sarah and I got to the Ferry Building early to meet Mack. It was perfect timing as we snagged a table, ordered our  coffees and were a little anti social as we went through pictures and tried to figure out how to book a yoga class (it was an ordeal let me tell you! We needed the yoga just to book the yoga class!)


A few minutes later I heard a sweet voice say my name. I looked up from my vortex sucking phone, and surreal of all surreal moments there was Mack in the flesh! It shouldn’t have been, because what you read on her blog IS who she is in person. It was like a 3D version of her blog…except so MUCH better!


Mack is such a genuine, sweet, fashionable, (Oh my gosh her shoes! -I might have drooled a little bit) and funny person outside of the cyber world, as she is in it. It was so much fun catching up, delving deeper into who we are, and of course picking her brain about San Francisco hot spots.

Time literally flew by, and before I knew it, we had to say good-bye. Of course not before taking some pics! We also might have started plotting an impromptu blogging reunion–I mean convention- in the Concrete Jungle (of which Jenny you have to join us!). All in the name of our craft of course!

Seriously though, I honestly wish I lived closer because I could totally see us getting together for coffee or mimosas. Meeting her was one of the major highlights of my trip. She is one of those people that you meet and you instantly click with it. You know they are meant to be in your life and I am so grateful that blogging brought her into mine. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do!

Bay Bridge


While the Golden Gate Bridge is a well known tourist destination, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is just as picturesque, if not more so given its location. Comprised of a series of bridges that run from San Francisco to Oakland, it is located on the Western side of the city right near the Ferry Building. The moment you step out onto the street, the Bay Bridge is there to greet you.


After meeting Mack, Sarah and I grabbed another coffee and made our way out into the sunshine to stroll along the Embarcadero and take pictures of the bridge. Despite it being a Thursday, people were out in full force basking in the summer like weather. We perused the street vendors and even made friends with a couple birds.



The last time I had been to the Ferry Building my sister and I had discovered a small stand that sold Gluten Free items. Well that stand is still there, but I wouldn’t call it a stand anymore. Holy Gluten Free Goodness! It was a whole store selling an assortment of pastries. What was more they also made sandwiches, salads. And the best part…Breakfast!


With lunch approaching, I couldn’t resist a sandwich and settled on a BLT with Avocado on ciabbata bread. I also bought some cookies and other pastries to snack on later. Sarah also got a sandwich and we made our way back outside to eat lunch in the sunshine.


Humphrey Slocombe 

Earlier on our stroll through the Ferry Building we had passed an ice cream shop that had been featured on the Food Network. With unique flavors, Sarah and I were salivating for a taste and decided to go back for an after lunch snack.


I am so happy we did. It seemed like it was the thing to do, because when we went back, the line was much longer then it had been earlier. It did not deter us. With flavors like Hibiscus Beet Sorbet, French Toast and Cinnamon Brittle as well as a their own spins on popular flavors like (Tahitian) Vanilla and Chocolate (Fudge Sea Salt) it was definitely a party in the mouth. I settled on the Salted Caramel Coco Nib with Butterscotch topping, that hardened into a sticky shell. Words do not begin to describe the decadence.


The Ballet


My aunt had gotten us tickets for opening night to the ballet. Sarah and I decided to channel our inner fashionistas, getting all glammed up for our night out which began with dinner, then preceded by the ballet.


It was a modern show held at the War Memorial Opera House and comprised of three different pieces. It was absolutely incredible! My aunt knows me well and we sat right in mezzanine with a perfect view of the stage as well as the theater. One of my favorite parts about attending a show, is being able to watch it in such a historic venue, and the Opera House was true that.


The ballet performances were riveting, if not an extreme departure from ballet, despite it being modern. The second piece even brought live cannons and a limo onstage!


It was such perfect way to what had been an incredible day.

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6 thoughts on “Friendships, Ferry Buildings, Fashion: Day Four

  1. I love EVERYTHING about this post. Coffee, MACK, the ballet!!! I’m sooo happy that you two got to meet- my two favorite blondies buttttt I for sure need to be added to the equation on the next gathering 🙂 Speaking of being fashionable….you and your friend at the ballet, I can’t get over how darn good you gals look! Outfits on point!!!! <3

    xo, JJ

  2. OH MY WORD! *****HEART EYES ON HEART EYES!** You know I had such a joy reading this! WAIT- I didn’t know the Ferry Building clock was the largest wind-up mechanical clock in the world?! That’s so neat!

    Ahhhhh I’m cryyyying- you are too kind to me.That was tooo surreal and wonderful meeting your sweet, lovely, genuine, beautiful self- and I am SOOOO thankful that worked out. <3 <3 <3 And it truly flew by wayyyy too fast- so you much come back ASAP! Or at least I will have to find an excuse to fly to NYC (cough cough our blogging convention! 😉 ). WOOOHOO! Reading this just made my whole day. So fun reliving that! <3

    Mariposa looks delishhhh! I have passed a million times but haven’t tried it. (*adding to the list*).

    Oh my lanta, lady! You and Sarah are so gorgeous and I’m OBSESSEEEED with your outfits for the ballet!!!! It looked like SUCH a perfect time. XOXO

    1. Ahhh Fav comment! (ugh Where are the darn laptop emojis?!?)
      And yup….History nerd coming out with that info! LOL.
      So am I! It seriously made my trip! I was so happy to meet you! And I need to come back! (or you need to come here or both!) It did! And yes!!! (okay so I have a tendency of answering comments as I read them so I love the fact that you and I were thinking the same thing! Yes to blogging conventions!)
      Awe reading your comments have made MY day! Yes you do! it is so yummy! Definitely some of the best GF pastries I have had!
      Awe thank you sweetie. You are way to sweet! It really was! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! it has made my day reading them! I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

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