Frozen: The Musical

“Fear will be our enemy
And death its consequence”
That’s what they once said to me
And it’s starting to make sense
All this pain, all this fear began because of me
Is the thing they see, the thing I have to be?” ~ Monster 

Movies Turned Into Musicals

This is the year for hotly anticipated Broadway shows, from Harry Potter (August, people, August!) to Mean Girls (in due time) to Frozen, movies with cult followings are having their hey day on the Great White Way.

As a lover of Broadway and a fan of film, I am ecstatic to see the worlds collide, coming alive on stage. I fangirled quite hard, with no shame, when I heard that Frozen was coming to Broadway and I could not wait to see such a magical production.



It has become tradition to see a Broadway show around my sister’s birthday, and the irony was not lost on me that I was going to see a musical about sisters. I had prepared myself for the tears that were probably going to (and did) come, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the show. If anything it made it much more relatable.

If you have been living under a rock (or maybe Antarctica?) Frozen is a 2013 Disney movie based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, “The Snow Queen.” In this retelling, their are two sisters who are torn apart by a secret. Unlike many Disney movies, this isn’t so much about romantic love, as it is about the love of two sisters, something I connect with.


This Broadway production is essentially the same as the movie, with a few added numbers like Caissie Levy’s empowering, but chill inducing, “Monster,” and a funny -albite not entirely appropriate for children – number, “Hygge.”

In fact, this show has many innuendoes that adults will appreciate, making it a show geared more for adults, then children, despite its Disney backing.


The set and Costumes

Broadway shows by themselves are incredible, but teamed with Disney, it seems everything is bigger. Perhaps it is because of a bigger budget; the sets are much more elaborate, the musical numbers bigger, and the special effects more impressive.

In animated movies, the sky is the limit with creativity, where as in life action film, their is human limitations, especially in theatre. Yet, the production team flawlessly created the magic of the story, even bringing to life the iconic number “Let It Go” seamlessly, turning the stage into a Frozen tundra, and in my opinion out doing the movie.


Another huge feat, was not just bringing alive Elsa’s iconic blue dress, which was stunning in its beauty, but the undertaking of actually creating Sven and Olaf. Taking notes from the most iconic Disney Broadway show, The Lion King, they engineered life sized puppets, acted by Greg Hildreth (Olaf) and Andrew Pirozzi. (Sven)

In fact without even saying a single word, (unless a snort counts) Sven stole the show. He was captivating as he clumsily moved across the stage, expressing himself with life-like facial expressions, which included gracefully blinking his doe-eyes. You forgot that he was in fact a puppet and not a real reindeer.



The casting director chose the perfect actors to bring these characters not just to the stage, but really showcase their personalities. Patti Murin plays Anna’s bubbly, yet ditzy personality to a tee. Running around the stage with her head in the clouds, gullibly thinking she is love with John Riddle’s positively diabolical depiction of Hans, who brought a more likable quality then his film counter-part. Jelani Alladin’s Kristoff had more depth, creating a humorous yet knowledgable character that made you want to see more stage time.


Yet it was Caissie Levy’s Elsa who stole the show, despite having less stage time then Anna. She gives Idina Menzel a run for her money with her emotional rendition of “Let It Go,” and her powerful voice sent chills down my spine when she sang, “Monster.” Levy gives Elsa a complexity, that is due the character, and with it, an empowerment, that sends the message women can be fierce and powerful.

Go. See. It.

I admit to loving the film, but the Broadway show out does the film in spades, creating nuances that were missing in the movie, and adding more humor. I laughed, cried, and I felt what the characters were feeling. Which is why I love live theatre. It not only brings the emotion, but actually makes you feel it. That is the power of Broadway.


A surprise at the end of the show, was when it rained “snow.” White confetti rained down, creating a magical moment in true Disney form. And for just a moment, I to was swept away to Arendelle.


Have you seen a Disney Produced Broadway Show? What Show do you want to see?


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42 thoughts on “Frozen: The Musical

  1. This looks amazing! I had no idea they created a musical version of Frozen, but would love to see it. I can only imagine how good Sven and Olaf were based on how well they did Lion King!

    1. It really was! It just opened a couple weeks ago. 🙂 They were amazing! Sven especially. I couldn’t understand how they did it. At one point I was sure their were two people in his costume, then I wondered if they really did use a real reindeer! He was SO good! <3

  2. Awww this sounds so good!! I love frozen so this is definitely a musical I’d like to see 😀 it’s so cool that you got to see it with your sister as well 😊 xx

    1. It really was! I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I unfortunately didn’t get to see it with her, but saw it as a tribute to her 🙂 <3

  3. omg Im so jealous! I used to go often to the theatre when I was younger, but I havent been in almost 10 years. I keep saying I want to change that, but for some reason I never go :(. Would love to see Frozen and Lion King!

    1. That is so cool! I am the opposite. Living in new York I go a lot more now. I hope you get to go eventually! Lion King is one of my favorites! Definitely worth seeing! <3

  4. I love Cassie Levy! I saw her in Ghost the musical in London. Her singing ‘With You’. Frozen sounds amazing! Funnily enough I see a show called Frozen this week but it’s about something different x

    1. She was amazing in Ghost! And she is such a sweet person too! She definitely stole the show! It is! Next time you are in the city! That is to funny! I love it! Was it a good show? <3

  5. Wow I love theatre more than movies. I’ve honestly never watched Frozen the musical but it sounds magical! I’d love to see this show! I knew that they were making a Mean Girls production but HP I had no idea about!!! Wow!!! So exciting!!!

    1. I do too! Theatre is so much more engaging! Hehe no worries I knew what you meant!:) It is a cute film. I am super excited to see Mean Girls! HP is the “eighth” book, that was actually a play written specifically for the West End and now has finally come to Broadway. Can not wait to see it! <3

    1. It just opened a couple weeks ago:) I definitely recommend going to see it! You would love it! In my opinion it was actually better then the movie! <3

  6. OH MY GOD… I didn’t know Frozen was on Broadway! This sounds amazing – also, you look freaking gorgeous… I cannot wait for this to come to London (please, theatre gods, I’ve been good this year…) xx

    1. It just opened a couple weeks ago:) It really was, you would love it! I think someone needs to come back to New York!
      Awe thank you so much sweets! I love going to a show, because I get to get glammed up! 🙂 Bwahaha I love it! I definitely see it going to the West End. <3

  7. Incredible!! It would never had occurred to me to go see this show (because I’m *still* trying to purge the 2013 rendition of “Let it Go” from my head). But after reading your review it has shot to the top of my “must see” list. Thank you!

    1. Bwahahahaha. I have a love hate relationship with that song. Vocally I love it, but with nephews and nieces playing it on repeat…I abhor it. BUT Caissie Levy did an amazing job (better then dare I say it…Idina?! Gasps!) Definitely recommend seeing it! You are very welcome! Thank you for stopping by and brightening my day! 🙂 <3

  8. Beautiful photo! That’s exactly how I would go to watch a show. At the end of last year, I went to a concert. Everyone had on jeans and super casual – I’m there with heels, black dress, blazer and dark makeup.
    I’ve Aladdin on Broadway and it was AMAZING! The set designs were incredible. So, I can imagine how good Frozen is! The one I’m desperate to see next is The Lion King – but if Frozen comes to London, I will give it a go! xx

    1. Awe thank you sweets! Right?!?! I LOVE dressing up, and Broadway and concerts and anything theatre related are the best excuses to do so. I love that you did that!
      Aladdin is incredible! I saw it last year (right before all the originals left) and enjoyed it much more then I thought I would.
      Lion King is my favorite! I hope you get to see it! If you do, sit in Orchestra. I prefer Mezzanine, but with the way the show is (at least on Broadway could be different on the West End) you want to be in Orchestra and an aisle seat 🙂 I hope you get to see it! <3

      1. I watched Aladdin last year as well and it’s a shame that some of the originals have gone – although I don’t know what the new cast is like.
        Thank you for that tip. I’m going to remember back! This fall I’m DETERMINED to watch Lion King! x

        1. It is! I don’t either, I am sure they are amazing, but honestly no one beats James Monroe Iglehart’s genie. I really want to see him as Laffayette in Hamilton.
          You are most welcome sweets! Yay! You will love it! <3

    1. It was amazing! Disney is the Queen (king?) of Broadway, many of their animated classics have had their Broadway moment:) And they do it so well! Thank you so much sweets! A friend of mine makes Sea glass tassel necklaces, and I am obsessed. I did a post about her awhile ago, but I am thinking I need to do another one because her stuff is just so darn cute! She sells it on Etsy! <3

  9. So I read this review the other day but only just got round to commenting (sorrry I’ve been so busy) but literally everyday I’ve mentioned to someone how ‘my blogging friend saw Frozen the other day and she said it was amazing’! Haha, so I definitely need to see this. The fact you say it outdoes the film makes me neeed to go! Obvs I totally want to come to New York asap buuut here’s also hoping this show comes to the West End sooner rather than later please! Just like you I love live theatre and the way it can make you feel overwhelmed with emotions! It truly is magical and I love how they had the surprise white confetti for snow, that really is an extra special touch!! I’m glad you enjoyed the show lovely, you deserve the best time! Also what’s this Harry Potter musical thats coming to Broadway? Is it the Cursed Child or something different? X

    1. Girl no worries at all! Aweeee I love yoU! This just made my day! You really do! Maybe come to New York for a girls weekend or week cause ya know that flight is SO long! 😉
      It does! Caissie Levy is amazing! I hope it does go to the West End, but if it doesn’t, you might know someone who has a pull out couch and willingly be your tour guide….Just saying 😀
      Girl you just perfectly put into words how I feel about theatre! It really is such an incredibly experience. I was so surprised and loved that! Awe thanks beauty!
      Yes girl!!! The Cursed Child finally (FINALLY! Only been waiting years..okay now I am being dramatic) came to Broadway! I can not wait to see it! <3

  10. Im looking back on this post and really relating to the huge vibes you got as soon as you enter the theater. It really brings the magic out of you!

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