Gaining Perspective


I am blessed to have been raised in a place, where the exquisite mountains and quaint small town setting could have come from a painting.

Growing up, I was constantly hiking. Scaling mountains and channeling my inner Leo by being king of the world. But I truly was king, or queen of the world. You can’t stand on top of Mount Washington, a mountain which holds the record for the highest wind gusts and feel like you haven’t just conquered the world.

It is absolutely exhilarating.

That feeling stays with you whether it is, over four thousand feet, or it is just a mile hike with a few hundred feet of elevation gain. Each trek makes you gain perspective, challenges you in new ways and makes you appreciate how far you have come and and makes you believe you can go farther.

Here are three of my favorite (three miles or less) only a couple hour hikes which you can do in summer AND winter. Each has their own charm.

On top of Black Cap, a quick one mile hike you can do in less then an hour with great views of the valley.

Arethusa Falls, a three mile hike to the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire. Winter or summer it is a truly jaw dropping view, that is always changing.


Willard is a super quick three mile hike that seems more like one, it goes by that quickly and the view at the top is well worth it, overlooking the valley, the clouds roll in and out like a present unwrapping itself. For a such a small easy hike you really do feel like you are one with the spirits.

What are some of your favorite hikes?


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