Gemini Baby and Lucky 13

 Like a typical Gemini I’m changeable, I can be two different types of people. I can be very outgoing, but sometimes very shy. ~ Denise Van Outen

I use to hate the number 13.

As a kid my brothers would terrorize me and tell me how unlucky I am, that my birthday fell on the thirteenth. And if it was a Friday? Forget it! Let the tears fall!

As someone who was suppose to be born on July Fourth (Free fireworks!) It crushed my young soul, that I had to be so unlucky to be a June baby and one that was born on such an unlucky number.

As I grew older and wiser, I recognized their folly and the fact that thirteen is a flipping awesome number! And to be born in June? Well, I am a true Gemini at heart.

I don’t live my life by what my horoscope says. While I will read it for fun, it isn’t need to know daily information. That said, I tend to embody most everything a Gemini represents. The good and the bad. (sorry people!) And lets not even get started on my dating sign matches (learned my lesson dating a Pisces!)

It truly is fitting that I was born in the summer months.

This year, my birthday festivities began a few days early. After all it isn’t called a birthday month for nothing!

I headed to Maine to celebrate and spend time with my bestie who absolutely spoiled me! The day began with a scrumptious brunch at the Front Room, our annual sail boat ride on Portland Schooner, and ended with a trip to East Prom for some Sea glass hunting.

Perfectly fitting for a mermaid born in June.

The following day, I met my new – but felt like I had known her for forever – friend for a last maple latte and gab session until August. I then drove down with my parents to my sisters in Hyde Park, New York, former home of President Rosevelt and just an hour and a half outside the city.

Having to go into the city for the day for a few things, and to torture myself, I woke up early to another best friends beautiful thoughtful birthday text. It was the start of many thoughtfully kind, texts, Facebook messages, Instagrams, phone calls, and gifts.

No bad luck on this June 13!

I was utterly overwhelmed and touched by the amazing souls who took a moment to think of me and most importantly made me feel loved. In a world that seems to ave lost that at the moment, I wish I could share that with all of those who need it and even those who don’t.

I will admit the love fest didn’t last long, having been struggling with a thrown back and nerve issues due to some heavy lifting of chairs, to much dancing, and carrying my nephews around. Oops. I decided it would be great idea to see my chiropractor, get a massage and cupping done.

Why not get the works on you Birthday? Even if it might be torture.

Once that torture was over, this wanderlusting Gemini hopped back on Metronorth and made my way back to Hyde Park to see my family and celebrate.

Which included a vegan gluten-free cupcake my mom had bought from a health food store as well as a “Bonus!”

It was a fabulous, lucky filled birthday befitting a Gemini and luckily it isn’t over yet! You only turn 26 once, why not celebrate it to the fullest!


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