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Getting Your Drink On

Getting Your Drink On

Doctors,  homeopaths, celebrities, probably the person you walked past on the street preach about water. Get your H20s people.

While I agree as a yoga instructor and most certianly as a mermaid about getting my drink on. It can be hard to drink all that water.

According to the National Library of Medicine people should be drinking between 91 to 125 FL OZ of water a daily.

Phew. That is a lot of water.

I need a camelback to drink that much water. Not to mention a map of every public restroom in the city.

The benefits of consuming water is many and varied. As a fashionista, it is one of the secret weapons for healthy glowing skin. It hydrates you from the inside out, helping to create younger skin and fighting break outs.

Water is also important to health. Properly hydrated, you can fight; illness, fatigue, and kidney issues, amongst other things. It is also a great hangover cure when you get your drink on with something other then water.

Drinking all that water can be hard. Especially if you are channeling a Detrol commercial and saying “Got to go, got to go.” Their are days where I succeed, and days I don’t, but to keep my water guzzling self on track, drinking from a cute water bottle is a must.

I was drinking from a Sigg water bottle specially designed for Lulu Lemon. It had cute sayings on it that made you want to reach out and drink from it.

My old one was a pale blue (being a blueophile) that said, “Yoga. Run. Surf. Love.”


Alas the Sigs are not dishwasher safe and cleaning them is difficult. After drinking it one to many times, I had to look for a replacement and I rushed back to Lulu hoping to find one. To my chagrin, they had stopped making them.

Instead I found this beautiful glass one with a silicone sleeve. Lulu has them in a bunch of different colors and I was drawn to this aqua one right away. I think I am in love with a water bottle! It just calls to get my H2O on and makes it fun!

So drink up and find a cute water bottle to help you chug away!

What are some tips that help you get the recommended daily intake of water?

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