Gotham, New York NOT Batman

I think New York is a good place to write in general because it’s a grid. It’s organized. You know where you are on the map. That centers you, and your imagination is perhaps freer to roam. ~Alex Turner 


When you live in a city it is hard to play tourist. If people gave me money for the amount of times I have been asked if I have done this tourist attraction or that one, I would be rich. In fact I should start charging for the question.

Kidding aside, nine times out of ten, I haven’t done it. Most New Yorkers haven’t.

Even when I would visit family and friends in the city, I never did the typical “touristy” stuff. I always wanted to experience the city as a New Yorker. With all the grit and caffeinated hecticness that makes a person a local.

There is something engaging and exciting about visiting tourist attractions, just as long as you have time and keep your sanity and pedestrian road rage in check.

I think that is why I love having people visit me. I am able to do those touristy excursions, and rediscover my city from the eyes of an out of towner.


Grand Central Station.

It shakes up the perspective and gives new insight. Seeing my friends and family visit, is like seeing a child discover Santa or the Easter Bunny for the first time. It is magical. And it reminds me of why I love this city, even when I get frustrated with it (see pedestrian rage)

It is all about balance. I always try to infuse touristy sites as well as the hidden gems of an insider’s knowledge into peoples visits, from French coffee shops to the lesser known parks. It is a balance beam of eclectic as well as tradition.


Maison Kayser.

It embodies what New York is. Their is something for everyone, you just need to seek and ye shall find.

What is a hidden gem you want to visit? Touristy or locale?



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