Grateful for Life’s Blessings and Opportunities

Taking a break from fashion, ponderings, sports, and whatever else my crazy mind comes up with to write about, I wanted to to reflect, be thankful, and update you all on a few of my antics.

The last week of April finished like an Olympic champ which is fitting since we are now less then a hundred days from Rio. I even stopped in Time Square on Wednesday because Olympians had taken it over. If you want me to go to the heart of Time Square just mention  the Olympics to me!

While I have been insanely busy, not only would I not want it any other way, but it has all been amazing things.

My website has been a snail’s pace work in progress, but this week I finally relaunched it. Yay! Hopefully the next time I have to tinker with it, I will know what I am doing, as I am going to be taking a coding class this summer.

I was nominated by the beautiful Nida from Shopaholicsblog for the Beauty Blogger Award. It was such an honor! I also had an essay, Why Fitness does not Equate Health  reposted on According to Greta. I am so incredibly thankful for all the support from my readers as well as fellow Bloggers. I know I am suppose to be a writer, but I can not express enough words of how grateful and humbled I am for all the love! If you haven’t checked out their blogs please do! They are amazingly funny and inspiring writers, and I love reading their work.

I also have my Gemini twin visiting this weekend and while some of our activities were curtailed thanks to mother nature -deciding it would be perfect if we skipped to Fall instead of summer – we have been having so much fun. She is even teaching me the art of the selfie. Or is it an usie? Either way it helps if you are as tall as a model to get the right angles! I don’t even mind them!

Next week I begin finals (ahh!). I admit, despite being top of my class – Yes I am one of those scarily smart nerds despite being blonde – I still freak out a bit. I see the word test or final or midterm and I start mentally screaming almost like Chicken Little repeating “The world is falling. The world is falling,” Over and over.

Once I get through hell- I mean finals – week, summer will have officially started. I am super excited! I won’t be home much. Not that I am complaining. I am so excited for this summer. Originally I had planned on going to Europe, but unforeseen circumstances had put a crimp in those plans. Because of that, I decided to spend some time exploring the States. I am still working on finalizing plans, but my Globe-trotting might be taking me to Chicago and California in July. I am so excited. I have never been to the former, and the latter holds a part of my heart and it refuses to give it back!

Next weekend I am going to the South Shore in Massachusetts, where I hear they have some secret sea glass locations. And the end of June is going to be a trip to the Hamptons. In between May and June those weekends will be filled with other mermaid adventures, weddings, babies, and a variety of different beaches! I am in wanderlust heaven.

I am also incredibly grateful for all the opportunities. Life has so many of them and while not everyone is in a place to take them, if you are, do it! Not only is life to short to waste new experiences, but the adventures are how we grow. Push out of your comfort zone and live!

What are your summer plans?

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