Greenport Shopping

Moment of truth: Beach town shopping can be a tad tacky. Gaudy prints, bathing suits galore. way over priced products and materials you know are going to disintegrate upon first wash. (even on the delicate cycle.)


I must say I was happily surprised about the shopping in Greenport. It had all the couture of the Hamptons. Being just two hours outside the city, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

A little shopping retail was definitely in order. Especially with all the wineries we went too.

I might be a fashionista, but I also appreciate great comfort. One of my favorite accessories is a hardy, yet cozy sweatshirt. As a person who travels a lot, I did want that one typical souvenir. After all a Facebook official check-in does not beat an old fashioned tacky postcard or bell.


So I started my collection of sweatshirts. I have them from all over; Paris, San Francisco, various towns in Maine, Sagaponack and Montauk. I even got my ex into buying sweatshirts when he traveled which I may or may not have borrowed. Who doesn;t love a sweatshirt? And the more oversized the better!

Thus, I knew I had to get one at Greenport to commemorate my antics of the weekend. It was a little hard to look for one, as Greenport did not have the gaudy souvenir shops many beach towns are known for. But tucked away in an upscale, yet reasonably priced boutique I found one with an anchor and Greenport elegantly written on it. And the material! So soft, I just wanted to curl up with it.

While I had searched high and low for a sweatshirt, I also needed a hat for when we were at the wineries. I saw a wide floppy brimmed hat with a large black ribbon on it that screamed Jackie O. It had my name on it.


To round out my purchases, the ladies and I had discussed looking for dresses for Saturday night, but I hadn’t found anything until I went into this gorgeous spacious boutique that fitted better on Madison Avenue then in a quant beach town. Dresses galore, again all reasonably priced, and the saleswoman was such a love. She was incredibly helpful giving her opinion on the clothes we tried on, as well as giving us names of restaurants and fun things to do in Greenport. Great customer service made me want to buy the whole shop out!

I bought two dresses; a cerulean blue and white patterned A-line, that screamed beach and fun. Then I bought a more neutral ombre colored, classical sheath, that had a halter neckline which was incredibly flattering.


With my puraches I was ready for a night out in Greenport and thus ready for anything!

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