To say my hair hates me and I am a hairdresser’s dream is a duality of understatements. I have done everything from perms to straightening treatments to dying my hair every color of the rainbow.

Thankfully my hair is strong and knock on the whole Redwood Forest has never fallen out. How? I have no idea. I have even dyed it myself from a box!

I have a tendency towards hair A.D.D. I am constantly switching it up. Color, cut, texture, style. I love to experiment.

And while I have had a few misses – I will never ever channel my inner Snow White again, beautiful on others, I look positively Gothic. In fact I could probably audition for a part in a Wes Craven movie, – it is just hair and I can always fix it.


I know some people who have had melt downs after a disastrous hair appointment. And while I can definitely relate (see Gothic phase above) unlike some problems in life, hair can quickly be fixed. One minute you can be blonde, the next a brunette. Hair doesn’t have to be permanent.

In fact, because I am such a Type A personality, my hairvolution, helps my Gemini self balance that out. I can go crazy. I can be daring. Because there are worse things in life then a really shoddy dye job.


Hating your job, or where you live is much harder to change then the hair on your head. It is easier to challenge your style, then to take off to the jungles of South America. (though I want to do that too!) And who knows once you take small steps, you might want to take bigger.

My hair has even reflected my dating life. I actually had a guy tell me it was a sign I was insecure, because I change it so much. Of course, he had had the same haircut since he was kid so what did he know? It is interesting how guys take a new haircut so personally, especially if you have broken up. Hair is another sign of new beginnings. Starting with a clean slate not just with your love life, but with the hairs on your head.

For the last two years, I have channeled my inner blonde. In fact channeling my inner Marilyn is the longest, I have been the same hair color (though I have made up for it with the cut).


Blonde is me. And no, not because I am the stereotypical “Dumb Blonde.” Going to one of the best schools in the country, taking one of the hardest languages in the world, and still keeping a 4.0 GPA (While sick with pneumonia and Lyme) nope pretty sure I have a brain…Even if it might be half of one.

Nope brain smarts has nothing to do with it. Personality does.

I am a free spirit, and as weird as this might sound, when I was going darker, I felt like it was stifling it. Maybe because the very first time I went blonde, was from a box, the first few months living in New York. New environment, new look. I went out of my comfort zone, and it worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I was petrified. All these thoughts of my hair was going to fall out, or I would look horrible as a blonde were running at warp speed. But I did it anyway.

It is just hair.  don’t want to sound cliche, and say if you can change your hair you can do anything. But if you don’t take the small risks, you won’t take the big ones.

This past fall I cut seven inches off. It was scary, because as much as I adore short hair, much like being blonde, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I did, and I loved it, for a hot second. And while certain ex-guy friends hated it, which only cemented I had done something right, I rocked it for all it was worth. And now I am growing it back.


Such is the life of hair. It comes. It goes. You switch it up. And you own it.

So take that hair risk. Go for it!

What is your favorite hair look? And your worst?



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