Halloween In The City

“Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.” ~ Stephen Graham Jones



This quote speaks to be on a spiritual level. In fact they probably meant me when they wrote this. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Halloween. I use to love dressing up as any and all Disney princesses and as I got older switched to emulating real life Queens. My Mom would sew gorgeous costumes by hand, which made the holiday all the more special.


That said I can not contain my excitement when November 1 rolls around and I start rocking out to Christmas tunes and watch Holiday movies.


Okay in all honesty I am guilty of doing this BEFORE Halloween, (blame Hallmark) I mean why not make it a mishmash of both. I always see that lone Santa and Mrs. Clause trick-or-treating right next to the ghouls and goblins every Halloween.


I realize I sound like a Christmas fanatic which I am not… much. I mean I may or may not be guilty of talking about Dyker Heights. (Whoville on Speed peeps!) With the spectacular displays, you can’t help, but get excited. It is a good thing then, that people go all out for Halloween here!


Upper East Side

There are the dog costume contests a Carl Shurz, and of course the Halloween parade down in the village that is equal parts insanity and amazement. Then there are the decorations.


Literally every block I walk down has some spooky creepy Halloween display that is sure to give you chills and maybe, just maybe, make you jump with fright.


Every year it seems more and more buildings go all out. This year definitely tops the spooky factor. I can not walk down a street without seeing decorations and I honestly love it!


While we would get dressed up back home, and the houses might have jack-o-lanterns, or some lights, New York takes it to a whole new level. It is a weekend of parties, dress-up, and spooky displays. It has given me a whole new appreciation for the spook-tac-ular Holiday.


Halloween Haunting

In the last week it seemed like decorations were popping up in my neighborhood. From orange lights, to spider webs, to humongous fake spiders climbing up the buildings, each house tried to out do the next.


I admit, I never thought to go Halloween decoration haunting hunting. Yet this year I could not resist. I rounded up Doctor Merman and a couple friends, and we strolled through the Upper East Side oohing and ahhing and even jumping at some of the displays.


Some people went all out.


Others went the traditional route.


And others just went out right ghoulish!


It was so much fun and gave me all the feels for my neighborhood. It definitely put me in a Halloween mood and want to channel my inner child and dress up this year.


What are you doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Do you decorate? Let me hear all about your spook-tactic plans! 

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13 thoughts on “Halloween In The City

    1. Thank so much sweets! Right?!?! Every year it amazes me and shocks me in the most glorious way! lol. This year they have really gone above and beyond! <3

  1. Amazing! Halloween definitely isn’t as big over here in the UK, but it should be!!! If I had my own house I would totally go all out with the decorations! Today I saw some pumpkins outside someone’s door which was cute but that’s about the extent of the decorations! I’m totally the same as you though, Christmas fanatic!! I just went out and bought a ton of Christmas films and I am so ready to watch them!! Love all the pics Hun!

    1. Thanks beauty! That is what I have been hearing! You guys have to come over here and celebrate! I love it! Decorating is so much fun! Ahhh I love it! Now that it is November 1 I am going all in for the Holidays! ‘Tis the season ;p Thank yo so much sweets! <3

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