Happy 2022 Friends!

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” —Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Happy 2022!

Happy New Year friends! It is officially 2022 and a New Year has begun. As y’all know I am not one to make resolutions. And I also tend to roll my eyes at all those catch phrases yeah know the ones like “New Year, New You.” I prefer to better myself and set intentions every day, not just once a year. That said, no judgement if you use New Year’s Day to motivate you. If it works for you, Do it! For me personally it just has never been super beneficial, and I usually crashed and burned with my resolutions before January was even over!

In fact, I find it incredibly overwhelming. Suddenly, miraculously, we have this whole year ahead to better ourselves. To make all these goals, and set all these intentions, to change ourselves, but aren’t we already good enough as we are? Why does a new year somehow mean we aren’t good enough? Again I am not saying NOT to better yourself. And believe me I have my five year plan, and ten year plan, and twenty year plan (all working really well for me at the moment, yes that IS sarcasm). But perhaps if we take baby steps every day, they can and will turn into bigger ones. Because THAT is how change TRULY occurs.

You can try to wave a magic wand, maybe you’ll get a result or two, but for how long? True change comes with consistent and persistent work and effort. When you create habits, over time that is when and where the magic happens.

I made a reel today. It was just a fun little coffee reel, being the first cup of 2022, and thinking up a oh so witty (in my mind) caption, I wrote this:

“It is in the ritual of small moments great years are made.”~ Me

Like I said I don’t do any grandiose resolutions or even words, but I really connected with this phrase, and could not get it out of my head. Going forward whether for a week, or month, or maybe whole year, I think, I will let these words be my guide for however long they serve me. Rituals, like my meditation practice, making my bed daily, my gratitude journaling and scripting, even just moving my body in some form, gives me so much peace, clarity, and purpose. It makes me present for the tasks ahead. It isn’t always perfect, but then that is where the growth comes in.

It isn’t about the resolution, or the betterment that matters, it is about the journey you are embarking in order to achieve that goal. It is about the obstacle course that will be there as you embark on your journey and it is about how YOU handle THOSE moments more than when you achieve your goals. And it doesn’t happen over night. And it doesn’t even always happen in a year. And that is okay. It is a process that has no time constraints, and it is in the process, where the true lessons and change occur.

So if you made resolutions and didn’t achieve them last year, that is okay, you tried, and you can try again, today, tomorrow, whenever. And the truth is? You can make resolutions whenever the heck you want to. And you can change direction if you want to as well. YOU dictate your life, one moment at a time.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! You got this friends!

DO you make resolutions? How do you feel about them?


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  1. Like you, I’m more of a “10 year plan” type. I just seem to failed to stipulate that I’d like to achieve certain goals within 10 years, not have everything take 10 years. 😂

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