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Happy Gemini Season 2023


“I can be open-minded as well as very stubborn. You get two for the price of one.” ~ anonymous 

Gemini Season!

Hello friends! Happy Monday AND Happy Gemini season 2023…One day late! You can blame Ig being down and some family stuff for the delay. I know many people don’t follow astrology and while I don’t usually, I have researched and followed my sign, because I truly am a Gemini at heart, much to some people’s consternation and others love. I am a proud Gemini.

Gemini’s are kind of complicated, yet, very simple people, in true Gemini duality form. Our attributes sound like they contradict each other, but in actuality, I feel it makes us see the complete picture. We are dreamers, yet knowledge seekers, and always see both sides of an argument, something that drives people crazy, as we, especially me, tend to play devil’s advocate in may discussions.

But while we see both sides, we are loyal to a fault, something I have found to be detrimental in my older years. But lord oh lord if you piss us off, watch out. We will cut you dead and that is the end of it, which I have also noticed happening more and more in my older years. That said, it isn’t done lightly and the amount of chances and attempts at communication can be extensive.

Over all, Geminis are human and I think we need to remember that regardless of what sign we are, we are all human we all have positive and perhaps less desirable traits, but the thing about astrology, is while we can’t let it typecast us, it does help us to understand more about ourselves as well as others and that is always a positive. I have a ton of Geminis in my life, including three of my best friends, and I adore that I get to celebrate with them this season. So to all of the Gemini’s out there. Happy Gemini Season!

Do you know of any Gemini’s in your life?


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