Happy Gemini Season

”I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.” – Karan Johar

It’s Gemini Season!

Hello friends! I am a few days late, but Happy Gemini Season! I feel like I have waited all year for this! Okay that might be slightly dramatized. But as I am a Gemini, I feel like this is MY season, the culmination of ALL seasons! Not only is it the start of summer, (officially and unofficially) but my birthday is only a few short weeks away and the icing on the gluten free birthday cake is I get to share it with some pretty amazing peeps. Some of my bestest friends are Geminis as well as some of my favorite (shhh) family members. Not only that, but my mer-twin (who isn’t a Gemini, but I’ll forgive her because she is so darn amazing!) is about to have a baby who will be a Gemini! SO by default she is in the Gemini family! I was actually joking with her that she couldn’t go into labor until May 21…and she gladly (or more like grudgingly) acquiesced. I am pretty excited to be sharing my astrological sign with the lil miss! 

What are The traits of Geminis 

Now you might be wondering WHAT the traits of a Gemini are, and I do feel like we kind of get a bad rap when it comes to Geminis. The dual personalities and air sign can throw people for a loop, and while it might seem like we are a lot to deal with, our dualities actually make it easier to connect with people, at least in my very humble Gemini opinion.

Typically we are extroverted, outgoing, intelligent and adaptable, as well as nosy and like good gossip. We can be indecisive, impulsive and unreliable…allegedly. While I feel like I am not all of these traits… I am by no means extroverted UNLESS I know you, or am passionate about a topic, digging deep many of these actually make a lot of sense. Because of our intelligence, we can be over analytical, which is where the indecisiveness comes in. I over think to the point where I don’t want to make the wrong decision. We worry about words becoming misconstrued. In fact I will even over think with many of my friends and family members, much to their great chagrin. It has gotten better with age and wisdom, ( I think) but I still worry and over analyze from time to time.

Another thing that is both good and probably annoying about us Geminis, is that we are all about communication. And while we have commitment issues when it comes to romance, when we do finally commit we are incredibly loyal. The same goes for any and all relationships. We are loyal to a fault, but if you lose that  loyalty, you have lost us. When it comes to people we can size them up in an instant even if we have just met.  Geminis tend to lose touch with long distance friends if the communication is lacking. We also tend to listen and be sensitive to others. And we want to have a balance of intellectual conversations and gossip.

Quite Contrary

 As I mentioned earlier in a lot of ways we are contradictory. While we have a reputation as being flaky, as I mentioned we are also loyal, almost to a fault and family oriented, which is me. I find the only times I really get flaky is when I feel a person isn’t pulling their weight in the relationship and then I definitely have a tendency to distance myself and it is hard to reel me back in.

On one hand there are those Geminis who are VERY one sides, but on the other their are Gemini’s like myself who see both sides. Because of that, when debating we have a tendency to talk in circles in order to get others to see the OTHER side. It drives people crazy, but personally I think it is one of our endearing qualities. If I can make people see both sides of what is essentially the same coin, I have done my job. Or so I like to think. Hopefully I don’t drive them crazy in the process.

Finding that Balance

We embody dualities like it is our second skin. Most Geminis channel the stereotypical good or bad twin, being high maintenance or low, and like I said, seeing only one side. When we choose one side of our Gemini selves, we actually end up imbalanced as opposed to balanced. We end up fighting an internal conflict of our dual personalities. Finding that middle ground of ourselves, is when we are at our happiest both internally and externally. I know I can definitely relate to that. While I can be an overachiever, I also need the balance of having that downtime. 

My buzz word is one hundred percent “Balance. I try to embody that as much as I can. All in all I love being a Gemini, yes, even those more negative traits, and I feel like it is me to a tee, not to toot my own horn, but I do have an active mind, and love to learn, dream, create, and connect. As I get ready to turn another year wiser, I am channeling all of that and more. I am so ready for this season! Irregardless of being a Gemini or not, I hope it is amazing!

Happy Gemini Season friends!

Are you a Gemini? Do you know alot of Geminis? Do you embody YOUR astrological sign? 

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