What DO I Wear!?!? Happy Hat Head Edition

I am a self professed hat junkie. Hats are a girls best friend. They are perfect for bad hair days. Lazy days, or just because you want to feel like Marlene Dietrich. Hats give a bit of glamour as well as anonymity.

Hats are perfect for the beach not just to cover your wet, salty stringy locks, but also shield you from the harsh rays of the sun. They add a bit of oomph to your wardrobe, They can make or break an outfit with dramatic flare, or casual athleticism. And while they are great for keeping your head warm (think the beans or the average ski cap), I wear the majority of my designer hats from spring to fall.

Floppy hats, ranchers, fedoras, baseball caps, beanies, deerstalkers. Their are a smorgasbord of hats. If you can put it on your head, they probably make it. Remember Will and Kate’s wedding with all the Fascinators? And yes that is a hat. While Kate and the rest of the royal family have helped make hats popular again, you don’t have to go crazy and wear fruit on top of your head. Anyone can wear a hat regardless of face shape, you just have to find what works for you.

Here are some of my favorite styles of hat.

My favorite style is the fedora. This hat which use to be typically worn by men, has become a timeless staple in women’s fashion. The medium sized brim makes it versatile to wear to the beach or out to dinner without feeling like I am at the races. In fact it makes me feel a bit bad ass channeling my inner Al Capone. It was also the first style (aside from a baseball cap) I wore. It channeled my inner Fashionista without screaming, “Hey look at me!”


The baseball cap, synonymous with sporting events and you guessed it baseball, is the athletic gals best friend. And it isn’t just to rep the Yankees. I have a couple that I got from Lulu Lemon made of a light weight micro fiber material I wear for running or hiking, – I have to protect my money maker mug from the sun! It may not be the most glamorous look, it is definitely easy to loop your pony through the hole and start rooting for your sports team (go Rangers!) at the top of your lungs.

The Rancher is a modern take on the cowboy hat. When I see the Rancher hat I think of Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That.” Just needed a pizzazz to turn it into va va voom. Ranchers now a days are made with all types of materials and adornments. In the last year, thanks to Anthropologies cool designs, I have begun a love affair with this type of hat. And no it doesn’t scream I went country. I love pairing mine with jeans and kimonos.


Last but not least, the floppy hat. This is the Greta Garbo of hats. It is the most dramatic. It screams old Hollywood glam. It begs for a cigarette and a glass of cognac. For a long time I shied away from this type of hat. To big. To floppy. To dazzling for my boho self. And then I saw it. This gorgeous Suede hat with a twisted brown leather ribbon around the base from Anthropologie. If you could fall in love with a hat I did just that.

Last summer, I wore it at least once a week. With dresses, jeans, shorts, you name it I wore it. Much like the fedora it is a hat that has been around for years and will continue to be in the future with modern twists.

Now to get hats. My favorite place to get hats, is Anthropologie. It is Hat Heaven. If I was a millionairesss I would own every single one. The detailing is exquisite, and they are unique in style. Almost all my hats are from there.


Nordstrom is also great for hats especially the floppy style. They have it in every jewel tone you can dream of. Free People also has a great selection of hats. And if you are in new York, or any city really, go to the village, they have tons of hat stores and the clerks will even give you their opinions.

Happy hat hunting!

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