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“When you feel good, you look good. And vice versa: When you look good, you feel good.” ~ Christie Brinkley

Skincare is incredibly important to me. I have got to protect my money making mug after all!

I wish I was that girl who could stop eating sugar or dairy and voila! Like magic, my face clears up. Alas my face does not work that way. Due to underlining health issues, (PCOS being a major factor) my face lets itself be known, like a firecracker on the Fourth of July, when my body is not healthy or happy.

Thus I do everything I can to minimize damage when that happens by cultivating a skin regiment that satisfies my skin.

The key to remember with skin, is that it is unique to every single person, and it is constantly changing. You can use a cleanser for years and suddenly your skin decides it doesn’t like it. Skin really is a fickle organ! Seriously! It is the largest organ you have!


The first step in prevention, is facials. I have been getting facials since I was fifteen off and on. Facials are the best way to reboot your skin, giving it a deep cleanse like a dishwasher and some TLC that is some how better coming from other people, then ourselves.

The second, is using products that agree with your skin. While my bank account cries, my skin rejoices at using a few higher end facial elixirs.

One in particular is Doctor Jarts microdermabrasion from Sephora. While it is pricey. A little does go a long, long, looonnnggg way. I have found that exfolianting is key to my happy healthy skin. By exfoliating, it turns over dead skin cells quicker, helps remove oil, make-up and grime, making sure pores don’t get clogged.

While many doctors have said, people in their twenties and thirties don’t have to exfoliate, I follow Christie Brinkley on this one. How can you not? She has the skin of a baby and she is in her sixties!

I also moisturize. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day. If I put nothing else on, I will put a moisturizer on. Moisturizing helps keep the skin supple and glowing and it can also help prevent break outs. You are just as likely to get break outs with dry skin as you are with oily skin.

I have also begun to dabble in using retinol creams and anti-aging products. The old age is a coming! While again my piggy bank squeals, I have witnessed a noticeable change to my skin. Tighter, dewier, and my face is much more accentuated, and that is without wearing any make-up. A fan favorite is another one by Doctor Jarts called DNA – Do Not Age. I have used both the day cream and the night cream and the change in my skin is so great I have even had people comment on it.

My last, but the most important part of my skin care, is also something I only started using this last year.

The Clarasonic! A battery operated brush that cleanses and exfoliates. If I could Marry it I would! It cleans my face much better then any hands ever could, the bristles working deeply into my pores.


What do you use to clean your money maker?


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8 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Glowing Skin

  1. I’m totally with you on the exfoliating I do it atleast 3 times a week and same goes for moisturizing atleast 3 times a day. Have to try Dr Jart but it’s so pricey💸

    1. Omg it is! I feel like I am selling my soul, but his stuff is so worth it! I have yet to find the inexpensive version to him, but am still looking! <3

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