Happy International Women’s Day 2022

“A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants.” ~ Coco Chanel

Happy International Women’s Day! 

Hello friends and Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate women. Because honestly? We are all pretty flipping bad a$$. And that shouldn’t just be celebrated, but also told to the women in our lives over and over and over again. To be a woman is to be strong. To be courageous. To be ferocious. To be soft. To be compassionate. To break barriers. To be a leader. To create. To be feminine. To love pink. To love black. To wear heels. To wear sneakers. To be whatever the flipping bleep we want to be.

Women should be proud of who and what we are. We can’t be kept in a box nor can we be kept down. You can’t typecast us into one thing, because it is in our DNA to tear the walls down. There is not only a power in being a woman but also pride at all we have accomplished. All we have fought for and all we can do. Our bodies are so incredibly powerful with all the changes they go through. We are the ones who get to carry children and continue the next generation, which is no easy feat. Through out the beginning of time We have had to face adversity and inequality. But it has only made us stronger. It has made us women.

I have always been proud to be a woman and of my gender. Even when I have felt that my body, in particular my reproductive parts have failed me, I have still been proud of my femininity, of the womanhood which is really a sisterhood I am part of. Being a woman doesn’t just represent a biology but also an innate strength. I am blessed and so grateful to be surrounded by powerful women. Women who have taught me to lift other women up and to cheer each other  and our successes on. Because when we unite, we are empowered, and when we are empowered. We are unstoppable.

So thank you to all the stunningly courageous, intelligent, smart beautiful women in my life. It is truly a blessing to know you. <3

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? What does being a woman or womanhood represent to you? 

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