Happy National Ice Cream Day 2020!

“Perhaps summer’s ephemeral nature is what inspires us to embrace the beach read. We tell ourselves that these twisted plots and wild characters are literary ice cream sundaes – extravagant treats that aren’t as calorie-laden when we’re wearing flip flops.” ~ Sarah MacLean

National Something Day 

I feel like there are some holidays that are so sacred, that to miss them is sacrilegious, and to not celebrate means the world has in fact ended. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, National Ice Cream Day. Okay, yes the last one is not an official holiday. (And yes, I am well aware that neither is my birthday!) Yet, with the rise of social media so to has risen the creation that every day is SOMETHING to celebrate, whether it is foods like pizza or coffee (my fav) or occupations like Nurse’s Day or Dancers.


I am all for celebrating especially if it brightens your day, but not gonna lie, despite being a blogger, or perhaps because I am, it can be exhausting keeping up with “Every Day Is Something Day.” Heck since COVID hit, I can’t even keep up with what day of the week it is, no less remembering today we celebrate This day!


Mini rant over there as some days that I do observe, and honestly SHOULD be national holidays, like National Ice Cream Day which is TODAY! National Coffee Day (which I always happen to forget, okay truthfully I don’t even know WHAT time of year it even falls on, but technically I do celebrate it every day.) And National Lipstick day. (which is next week!) I feel like three days is manageable especially when you then have birthdays and other holidays, and I am STILL trying to remember WHAT the date is.


Ice cream’s own food group

Ice cream, in my humble (and right, at least with this) opinion should be its own food group. While most people know that I am a coffeeholic, my ice cream addiction is RIGHT up there. I will pretty much never (though it has happened, and yes I was taken over by demons at the time) pass up the chance to have ice cream. The creamy frozen delicacy just might be my favorite sweet treat irregardless of the time of year it is.


In fact, while I correlate my coffee temperature drinking habits to the weather, (anything below seventy means hot coffee for me) all sanity is frozen where ice cream is concerned. In fact I have been known to have stopped at the Sweet Shop in New York, and bought ice cream, DURING a Polar Vortex. And yes I did freeze. But friends it was SO worth it!


Selling kidneys and livers aside for ice cream, there is something so incredibly nostalgic eating the delicious treat as an adult. It brings back memories of when we were little and would stop on the way back from the ocean or lake after long days of playing in the surf and sand. While adulting includes eating it year round in my book, back then it was more of a summer treat with the seasonal ice cream stands only open during those hot months.


On the Hunt For Ice Cream Shops

It isn’t just coffee cafes I look for when I travel, but I love discovering a yummy and quaint ice cream shop and since my destinations are usually tropical and beachy, ice cream is always in abundance. Even when I wasn’t traveling I was lucky to live in the food capital of the US because I had tons of ice cream places just blocks from me, including my favorite, The Sweet Shop, not only was the ice cream insanely yummy, they also served it in Chinese take-out containers, which took it to the next Instagrammable level.


Ice cream seems to be a universe language, you can find it anywhere and each place brings its own unique style and take on it, whether it is rolled, shaved, or even just served in different way. Ice cream brings the kid out in all of us. So, on this National Ice Cream Day, I hope you are able to enjoy this sweet treat especially if like where I am, it is ninety plus degrees out!


Here are a few of my favorite Ice Cream Shops:

The Sweet Shop: New York City

Big Gay Ice Cream: NYC

Sugarhill Ice Cream: NYC

The Franklin Fountain: Philadelphia 

Scoop DeVille Ice Cream: Philadelphia 

Trail’s End: North Conway

The Juice Bar: Nantucket 

Kettle Cove Creamery: Cape Elizabeth 

Dolce Crema Cafe: Old Orchard Beach

The Beard’s Cat Sweet Shop: Sullivan’s Island 

Bobboi Natural Gelato: La Jolla 
Have you been to any of these ice cream shops? Do you like ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? 
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5 thoughts on “Happy National Ice Cream Day 2020!

  1. NOW I WANT ICE CREAM! This is for sure a day to be celebrated 😍😍😍 yum yum yum and yes there is a day for everything now, but I’m not complaining because I love any excuse to celebrate 😂👏🏼

  2. Oh girrrrl, you are speaking my language. I’m here for National Ice Cream Day… and shamefully I also have NO idea when National Coffee Day is LOL you’d think that at least between the two of us one of us would know?! Going to do a quick google search *one sec* ok, Google says SEPT 29th!!! We haven’t missed it yet!! We need to remember although I’m with you I’m celebrating coffee everyday haha! xoxo

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