Happy National Ice Cream Day 2022!

“Ice cream brings people together.” ~ Doug Ducey

Happy National Days

July is filled with some of my favorite Happy National Days. While many have been around for decades, long before any social media. Social media is what made many of these days famous, with a quick Instagram post acknowledging such and such a day. While, I don’t celebrate most of them, and find some of them a bit of an eye roll, there are some that are in fact hilarious, and I can’t deny some of them are fun and funny. I am also sure they would say the same about one of my favorite days which comes up the end of July. However, you feel about the Happy National Days, it is a great way to celebrate and find joy in the every day. Especially after what we went through the last couple years. Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, even the small moments and even when we don’t feel like there is something to be happy about, there always will be, if we look for it.

Happy National Ice Cream Day 

That said, I am sharing something that brings me the utmost joy (despite having to cut back on dairy) and I think it brings EVERYONE joy! How can it not? It is National Ice Cream Day! From my earliest days I remember getting so excited when my Mom would let me have that sweet treat, usually during the summer, and usually after a super tough, exhausting, day jumping in the waves and sunning myself. (I mean for a kid, it is SUCH hard work!) The sound of ice cream trucks immediately evoked warm sunshine and school was out, and as an adult living in New York I loved hearing the sound of the Mister Softee Truck and seeing all the kids and quite a few tourists run after it

I feel like Ice Cream is that natural unifier. Everyone loves it, and everyone feels some what like a kid when they have it again. It is the epitome of feel good memories and nostalgia, whether it is an ice cream cone, an ice cream bar, a banana split sundae, (okay friends, I really don’t understand that one sorry) or eating it straight from the pint. There is something about this frozen treat that feels so decadent, yet also is so simplistic and delicious.

All the options

In years passed I shared my favorite ice cream spots and some of the exotic yet yummy flavors I have had. Ice cream really is MY Achilles heel. Yes, even more so then coffee. (coffee is just a necessity to live on) Unfortunately this year due to a ton of health issues related to my hormones, it seemed like Iwouldn;t be able to partake in my favorite dessert. I might love ice cream, but my BODY certainly does not love ice cream at the moment. Thankfully, that typical from a cow ice cream we all love has expanded to other animal and non-animal based ice creams and they are equally if not more so delicious in my opinion. Though not going to lie, I have had some that were not SO delicious.

By far though my favorite is Oatly, which uses oat milk as their base and the coffee fudge ice cream is SO addicting! It is hilarious, because I never use to like coffee ice cream (I know shocking!) and I hate fudge sundaes as well (I would always ask for caramel) but something about this with the oat milk makes it a winning combination! They use real cold brew coffee (so already winning!) and the fudge isn’t to sweet or bitter. It is perfect balance! I have been eating it all summer long. They have other flavors, but trust me when you try the coffee you won’t want to try anything else! I will be devouring this tonight, or maybe this afternoon in celebration!

Do you love ice cream? What are your favorite flavors? 

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