Happy National Ice Cream Day 2023

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that is pretty much the same thing.” ~ Anonymous
It is National Ice Cream Day! 
Hello friends and Happy National Ice Cream Day! It really should be a holiday! It should also be considered it’s own food group if I do say so myself. Nothing, NOTHING is better then the sweet silky smooth, melt in your mouth texture and flavor of ice cream. It is perfect on a hot summer’s day, and honestly delicious year round. It truly does go with everything! Growing up we would have it with cake on our birthday’s but I also love it with pie, or a crisp. It is perfect as is, with a bit of caramel sauce, OR to top any desert. I really don’t think anything compares and I happily celebrate this day ALL year round!
Van Leeuwen’s Honey Comb. 
This past year I discovered Van Leewen’s which is a New York staple. Of course they sell it across the country and I even found some of it in my hometown’s Walmart which was a very happy day when I did! They are a French style ice cream, which means lots of butter and cream, and it almost tastes like frozen custard! Their honey comb is literally my FAVORITE flavor EVER. It is a vanilla base, with caramel like candies that have a gooey center that creates a syrup when cracked open. It is the perfect amount of sweetness, with a slight crunch and I could literally eat it all day every day!
Do you love ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? 
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