Happy National (Red) Lipstick Day

“I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.” ~ Rose McGowan

National Something

Thanks, I am pretty sure, to the rise of social media, EVERY day is National Something Day. From National Tequila Day, (which let’s face it, is pretty important) to National Dance Day, (yesterday) there is something for everyone to celebrate if they want too.

I admit, I typically ignore them. While they are fun to observe, there are so many of them I can’t keep track of them all. That said some of them I DO remember such as National Ice Cream Day which we celebrated a couple days ago, and who doesn’t love an excuse to eat ice cream? And of course there is National Coffee Day though technically I celebrate that EVERY day. I also am pretty sure I missed it this year. Oops.


There is one other National Day I enjoy recognizing, simply because I am always rocking a shade! The day of the lips! It is why this quote is so appropriate. I think I DID come out of the womb wearing lipstick. Red to be exact.

Make-up Routine

While I love clothes, make-up is the one things I have always failed at. I don’t know how to contour, and as long as my blemishes are covered, I typically choose make-up that is pretty basic and low maintenance. B.B. Cream, concealer, and yes, lipstick are as crazy as I get. I don’t use elaborate shadows on my eyes, and I only wear mascara if I am going out. Let’s not even get into falsies, because I have no problem admitting I suck at putting them on.


My make-up routine usually takes five minutes tops. Occasionally ten, if I have an event and decide to try my hand at something fancy. Short and sweet is how I like it and I don’t have the patience nor the practice to spend hours putting a face on.

Practice really is the key word. I am not anti make-up. While I am sure I exasperate my cosmetologist friends, I love when they do my make-up, falsies and all. Doing it in what seems like seconds and making me feel glamorous instead of a clown from Are You Afraid of the Dark. Which I would have looked like if I had done it myself.


If it didn’t take me a year to do just one eye, I would love doing a more elaborate “face.” Sometimes, when I have the time and patience, I enjoy pulling out my Urban Decay Palettes and experimenting with the shades. Of course none are ready to actually debut out in the world.

Red Lipstick

While my make-up routine is short, sweet and the bare minimum, I do love that pop of color which is why you will always find me rocking some good ol’ red lipstick. It is my make-up go too. Even my niece will comment that “Auntie Kate has her lips on!”


Lipstick is easy to apply and in my opinion, fool proof. A swash of color instantly transforms any look, especially red lipstick! This day really should be named National RED Lipstick Day!

Red lipstick is such a classic color. From Hollywood to the retro forties to the modern era, it can be taken from day to night. It immediately emboldens any outfit and in my opinion the wearer. There have been many times I will be in work out clothes but rocking some red on my pout.


Red is that universal color that looks good on everyone. I have experimented with all kinds of shades, but by far my favorite is Cayenne from Bite Beauty. It igives my lips the most perfect fire engine red color. In many ways it is my armor and I feel naked without it. I have tried other shades, but none white compare like a confident bold brightened red pout.

Do you wear lipstick? What is your favorite shade? Do you celebrate any of these National Days?

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9 thoughts on “Happy National (Red) Lipstick Day

  1. National Lipstick Day is a great thing to celebrate! I like red lipstick but it’s not my favourite shade to wear, I love bright pinks haha x

  2. Ahhhh! You look so good in red lipstick! I’m probably more of a mauvy/rose kinda gal, but a fun red is always nice for those fancier/sassier nights! <3

  3. That’s such a flattering and beautiful shade of red! I love how a red lip looks even with simple makeup, and that you don’t need to practice to much to wear one.
    Also I totally agree that everyday is national something day. I never pay attention to them anymore because of it!

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