Happy Official Unofficial Kickoff to Summer!

“Everybody can rock a bikini, swimsuit, unicorn onesie… whatever floats your boat. If you wear it with confidence, you will look hot.” ~ Iskra Lawrence

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Kickoff to Summer

Hello friends! Life had been cray-cray and this is a few days late, but hey better late then never am I right? Memorial Day Weekend has always been the unofficial official kickoff to summer! The beaches are open, it is usually the perfect beach weather, and barbecue picnics and the like are in full swing. It is my happy place and nothing beats some beach fashion, and dare I say it, but swimsuits as well? Yes, friends in my old age I have learned how to love and embrace the good ol’ swimsuit, and more accurately a bikini, because one pieces when wet are just the devil! A body is just a body, and the truth is we are all to busy judging ourselves, to judge others, so wear whatever you darn well want and have your  fun at the beach because you deserve it!

WE wear the clothes that clothes don’t wear us and I for one love summer fashion; the flowy dresses, the cover-ups, heck even the darn swimsuits. And in my old age, I adore a crop top and no they aren’t just for eighteen year olds! While trends come and go, there are a few staples everyone needs in their wardrobe repertoire as we kick off summer! And I will share them with you!

A Black Bikini

While I prefer bikini’s, because a one piece when wet is a huge pain, EVERYONE needs a black swimsuit. Much like the LBD is a staple so is the LBB-little black bikini. Black not only goes with everything, it is a great transitional piece if you don’t have time to change or are like I am and prefer to incorporate it into my wardrobe, throwing a dress or skirt over it.

A White Bikini

While we are on bathing suits, a white bikini is another must have. Now I know some people shy away from white, but friends it is actually quite versatile and flattering on everyone, especially as we get into the summer months and everyone has a, hopefully great FAKE, tan. It is also another color that works well when transitioning from beach to bar.

A Cover-up Dress

I love a good cover-up. It is a necessity. My only criteria is that it actually shouldn’t look to beachy in being see through or plunging, but instead can go from coffee to beach to bar. I don’t want to have to change my clothes a gazillion times. This one from Lulu’s is absolute perfection. The v-neck is the perfect plunge and I love the side slit. It also comes in a bunch of colors, but of course the blue block print is my favorite.

Summer Dresses

During the summer I live in dresses. Heck I feel like I am dress obsessed 24/7, but I am especially dress obsessed during the summer months. They are my go to and are so easy to style and even act as a cover-up over a swimsuit. They are also cool on those hot days, while still keeping me covered, and don’t ride up like shorts can.

Duster or cover-up

Now I know you are thinking, didn’t you just mention a cover-up? And I did, but a cover-up dress is not the same as a cover-up or a duster, which are open in the front. It is also known as a kimono but I feel like that term is really passé. A duster is perfect for throwing over a swimsuit or even pairing it with shorts. I love the longer lengths but also provide warmth while being stylish when going into air conditioning.

Button Down shirt

A button down shirt makes the best cover-ups and are even great to use as a jacket. Much like a duster, the open front pairs well with a swimsuit and shorts.

Sarong or skirt

Lastly, I love a great skirt or sarong to throw over my swimsuit. It is perfect when running to the restroom or wanting to explore a beach town, but not wanting to have to change out of your swimsuit.

What are your summer staples?

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