Happy Prime Day

“Shopping at any level is a bit of therapy for my medulla oblongata.” ~ Theophilus London

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Happy Prime Day!

Happy Prime Day everyone! Between the Early Access Nordy sale, brands like J-Crew and White House Black Market discounting inventory and Amazon’s Prime Day, the bank account might be bleeding, but my closet is going to be bursting from all the deals!

It is like Christmas has come again. And maybe it has. After all the term Christmas in July had to be coined from somewhere. With Hallmark airing their Christmas movies this week, I am definitely feeling some of ol’ Saint Nick’s jolliness.


Prime Day(s) is the Black Friday of July. In fact I feel the sales are even better now then they were the day after Thanksgiving or even Cyber Monday. Full forty-eight hours of none stop steals be still my shopaholic heart!

I had wanted to get this post up this morning, but alas the best laid plans (and watching small children) can go awry. And while we are nearing the end of the first day of Prime, thankfully we all have another chance tonight and tomorrow to do some shopping and feel like we hit the bargain lottery!

Orolay Jacket

Guys I literally screamed and scared the aforementioned small children this morning when I saw this was on SALE! Finally! This was one of the most coveted jackets of the winter season last year, and as someone who has been in the market for a winter jacket since spring, I have been waiting for it to go on sale for months. And months. And months.

FINALLY it has and you can bet that I snagged one! From all the reviews I have read, (and blogging friends who are lucky enough to already own this) I decided to size down and I recommend you all doing that as well. I can not wait to do a try on and share this with you all! By far this is my most exciting Prime Day purchase!

Off The Shoulder Dress

Not going to lie Amazon’s fashion has been one of the biggest surprises this last year. They have really stepped up their game and I for one am impressed. I have been shopping with them for years and while I occasionally would buy sneakers or discover them carrying a favorite brand like Sam Edelman, their clothing has been killing the fashion game. One of my favs is this dress! It comes in a gazillion colors, (I might own six) is flattering, and perfect for all occasions. It fits true to size and so incredibly comfortable, I could live in it, and okay I do, every day!


Linen Shift Halter Dress

I am not just a coffeeholic, but also a dressaholic if you couldn’t tell from this blog and my pictures. I love a dress with a good halter neckline. It is flattering for all body types, and always gives me that boost of confidence. Amazon has been carrying quite a few dresses in this style including this dress. Shorter then I normally go for, it is true to size and the linen material instantly makes it perfect for a garden party or a wedding. Not only is the price a steal, but it comes in a variety of colors, of which I want them all!


There is no doubt Ray-Bans are trendy, (thank you Tom Cruise) but they are also the best sunglasses out there with their wide range of high tech lenses. Being a contact wearer, and having eyes sensitive to the sun, they are the only sunglasses I wear. Which is why when I saw Amazon was discounting certain models for Prime Day, I got almost as exited as I did when I saw the Orolay jacket! While eyewear is something I will pay top dollar for, I am happy when I don’t have too.


Asics sneakers

While most of Asic’s socks and accessories are part of the Prime Day sale, their sneakers are not. I would be bummed out, if their sneakers weren’t a great price regardless of sales. Asic’s is the brand that really got me into shopping at Amazon. As a runner, I am not only particular about my footwear, but I also go through sneakers like water. When I found out I could buy sneakers off of Amazon for a quarter of the price, I was ecstatic. (yes, even more then seeing the Orolay jacket discounted) While some of the colors can be in the hundreds, I have found sneakers for just forty-eight dollars which is why they deserve an honorable mention no matter the sale.

Crest White Strips 

This might seem pretty random, but despite, as my nephews’ say, being a coffee junkie, I am extremely OCD about dental hygiene. Your smile IS your best asset aside from personality (yes that should be put on a t-shirt) I brush and floss daily, and the dental hygienist is always impressed with how white my teeth are. I use baking soda and charcoal weekly, but sometimes I need that extra boost for pearly white teeth and that is where Crest White Strips come in. Seeing these discounted for Prime Day made me ecstatic, because they can be quite expensive, even if they are worth it.

Sleeveless Cami Tank

When you are balling on a budget, not only is Amazon amazing, but so are having those staple pieces like this sleeveless keyhole shirt in your wardrobe. Camis make the perfect layering piece year round and I love the pizazz this one has with the tie front. It fits true to size and comes in a million colors, plus you can not beat the price!

Lanzom Wide Brim hat 

I love a good dupe and these wide brim panama hats are identical to the ones Biltmore makes and at a quarter of the cost! I rock them all summer long and anytime I visit a warmer climate. They are so well made and at such a great price, this hat is probably one of my favorite items on here.


Maxi Cardigan 

It is insane to think, that I am already starting to think about fall fashion, but I guess I am insane because with all the sales going on, I cannot help but start to stock up. This color block sweater is one of this perfect transitional pieces to take from summer to fall and even winter. It fits true to size, is so cozy, and comes in a variety of color combinations, plus have I mentioned the price?

Portable Tripod

Last, but certainly not least, and admittedly what seems like a totally random item that has NOTHING to do with fashion, but makes an incredibly long run on sentence, we come to the last of Prime Day must haves: The tripod.

I know you are thinking that now that I am thinking about fall that must have some how set me off, but I promise you, it did not. A tripod is a must have in any fashion or lifestyle bloggers arsenal. Sometimes you just need to snap a picture of yourself and there is no one around to do so.

Blowing my secret wide open, at how I take pictures, this lightweight, extremely portable tripod gets the job done spectacularly. Holding not just an iPhone, but also a variety of different cameras, it can be adjusted and positioned at whatever angle I want. It also comes with a bluetooth remote so I never have to worry if I am by myself.


What are you most excited to shop for on Prime Day? What sales are you shopping this week?

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  1. Absolutely loved this! Well written as well as very informative. Keep up the great work.

  2. Omg Queen you look amazing!! Absolute beauty 😍 I don’t think we even have Prime day over here (yet), but of course we do have Black friday! You can’t beat a good sale xx

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