Happy Summer Solstice: 2023

“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” – Kelle Elmore

Happy Summer Solstice

Friends this might be a couple days late, as is my life right now, but I have waited all year for this day or maybe just since September  22, when the previous summer ended. There are few days I look forward to more like Christmas, my birthday, National Coffee Day, and of course, the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! And the official kick off to summer!

If you know me or have followed this blog, you know how much I adore these longer sun filled summer days. I live for them! I might be up at sunrise, and asleep long after it sets, but I never feel exhausted, and I always feel like I accomplish so much. I adore walks on the beach (not to sound like a dating ad) and being able to sit outside and work in the sunshine.

And let’s not forget the fashion! Summer literally is my favorite wardrobe, with maxi dresses, and yes even swimsuits, I adore the freedom less, yet more flowy clothes give me. And the ultimate happiness is being able to walk barefoot, especially if it is in the sand for grass. Summer is not only my happy place, but I feel like it brings the child out in me. The days when school would be out, and my Mom would send us outside, from breakfast to dinner, climbing trees, running around, and just being one in nature. Simple, care free, happy.

It isn’t as easy now, but I still hold onto this ememories, and every so often, especially when I am at the beach, I try to channel that. So friends Happy Summer Solstice!

Do you have any fun summer memories? 

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