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“Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me, which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance.” ~ Rebecca Hall

It is Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday loves! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, one that fit your wants and needs, making it the perfect hopefully relaxing day off. If you are in the states, it is now officially the Christmas season. (though let’s face it I have been celebrating since Halloween!) And with the kickoff, comes ALL the Black Friday steals and deals.

Since Amazon has capitalized and further cultivated the Black Friday deal hysteria, and from our couches no less, I thought I would start with my gift guide from them. When I buy gifts, I try to do something fun, but also useful. Many of the products I have used and love. While I tried to diversify in true Kate fashion, travel and comfy kept coming up. To the point I thought for a hot second about renaming this. I hope you guys find something that is perfect for your loved ones and maybe even yourself! And hopefully all of my friends across the pond can jump on some of these deals!

As always: there are affiliated links which are at no cost to you, but does give me some moolah towards my coffee habit, and maybe some extra Christmas money.


Travel Make-up Case

This is on every bloggers list and it is one of my must-haves, if not my favorite thing on here! I know y’all probably think I am crazy, but bare with me. While it is marketed as a make-up case, I use it and it fits all my full size toiletries when I travel and is great for storage too. It has a hard shell, and comes with removable dividers, so not only is it broken and spill proof (you no longer have to worry about laundry the traveling) but you can customize it for the size and space you need. I bought mine in the blush color, but because it comes in a gazillion colors, including black this is actually a great case for guys to use. I absolutely love mine and it has become a travel must have.


Coop Home Goods: Eden Adjustable Cooling Pillow

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am incredibly picky about pillows. I want it firm, but not to bulky, it has to support me, but I want it to be soft. It seemed like I was forever forced to buy pillows every three months and before anyone mentions My Pillow, done it, hated it. Here comes the game changer! 

I legit never thought I would be talking about a pillow never mind obsessed, but here we are. This pillow sets itself apart from the start by coming with extra stuffing (which is hypoallergenic, no one wants to be sneezing when they are trying to snooze) so you can customize the firmness to your preferences. It also has a cooling feature so it will be cool all night log. No twisting and turning like I use to do. For anyone who is picky about pillows or jut craves that perfect night sleep, this pillow is the best gift!


2E47EABE-AE6F-474E-B249-74C9572663EDRevlon One Sep Hair Dryer and Volumizer

I have been meaning to write a review on this. Another gadget that bloggers everywhere have been talking about, I admit I had my doubts, but guys this REALLY works. The two in one blow dryer makes drying and styling hair much easier not to mention it cuts down on the frizz leaving your hair sleek and with oodles of volume. I love that I am no longer having to juggle a bunch of brushes and can have an arm free to do something else.

1CC69543-CF2B-4C02-ACA6-0AABE0C89867Weighted Blanket

I LOVE blankets and have about a gazillion throws, not only because I love being cozy, BUT I love the weight. Welcome to the game changer guys: a weighted blanket. Perfect to combat anxiety and stress, you feel cocooned, without the hassle of a ton of blankets or the need to do a ridiculous amount of laundry. These blankets not only make a great hostess gift, but take it to the next level.


Heated Blanket 

Told you I should have renamed this gift guide, BUT another great hostess gift, heck present in general, is a Heated blanket. They are seriously under utilized, but one of my must haves to get through life. Not only do they keep you warm, but for anyone who suffers from any kind of pain whether it be back pain, period pain, or an old injury, heated blankets are perfect to wrap up in and let the heat work its magic. They also come in a wide variety of colors and cozy fabrics.


RBT Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

On the hostess train, this is great gift for those who love to throw parties or perfect for the wine connoisseurs in your life. Anyone who drinks wine knows what a beeyatch it can be getting the corkscrew out, and THEN you have to fight to get the cork off the opener. This electric opener removes the hassle (and broken nails) and is a great gadget to not only play with but to have.


Fatboy Lamzac Inflatable Air Lounger Bed

I know you are thinking I have lost my mind, BUT this “inflatable” bed is perfect for the travelers and outdoor lovers alike. You no longer have to worry about passing out from blowing a bed up, or carrying a heavy air compressor, because this is blown up by air. After walking in a straight line, it will be blown up and you can catch some snoozes. Super easy to use, it is perfect for those pesky airport delays and cancellations. THIS version is also part of the (RED) Campaign, so proceeds go to AIDS research. I love buying gifts that my loved ones not only love, but that also give back to amazing causes.


 Tactical Pen 

When I went to grab the links for this, I discovered thatThis is a product that is marketed towards both men and women, though I bought it for all the guys in my life. This pen has everything and more! From a screwdriver, to bottle opener, to knife, to a glass breaker in case of emergencies, if the guys in your life are anything like my brothers, they will spend hours playing with this on Christmas morning, and probably feel a bit like James Bond at that.

And yes it really does write.


Gonex Packing Cubes 

This is another favorite. It might seem a little to practical but for your travel hungry loved ones who have YET to try these, they will thank you and think of you on every single trip. Heck after being given these, they should TREAT you to a trip! These Cubes are a major lifesaver and I can not believe it took me as long as it did to try them. Now that I have, I am never going back. They not only compress your clothes so you can fit more in your suitcase, but they are also great for keeping everything organized.


Orolay Coat

Are you sick of seeing this coat yet? I swear I wasn’t going to mention it, because this isn’t a fashion gift guide, but this coat really is a must have, especially if you live in a colder region. Not only have they just released new colors, but it now comes in children sizes so you can match with your mini yous. Not only is it an Amazon bestseller, but for Prime Day it was super discounted and I can only imagine what it will be this weekend.


Nerf Guns 

Is it really Christmas if the child in us isn’t brought out? I mean this is perfect for the children in your life! Even if they are thirty-five years old. Every year (spoiler alert) I buy my nephews and nieces nerf guns. It is a fun way to run around and get some energy out, after opening all the presents. (just watch out for the tree) My nephews are obsessed with Marvel and Nerf has teamed up with them to create these super cool nerf blasters so you can channel your inner superhero. We make forts, play outside and just have fun. The kiddos love them, but truthfully, I think the adults love them more. SO if you have no shame this makes a perfect gift for young and old alike, or for shame buy it for the kiddos in your life and then just ya know “Borrow it.”


Board Games 

I have always loved board games, and I am grateful that the next generation also enjoys them. It was what my cousins and I would always give each other at Christmas time. (or movies back when hey were on VHS and DVD, oh god did I just date myself?) I have kept up that tradition as my nephews and nieces have gotten older. Nothing is more fun then sitting around the tree playing old school Monopoly or an update on a classic like this Harry Potter version of Clue. Yes, I do believe that Harry murdered Neville Longbottom in the Slytherin Common Room.


Gift Card

Ending this with a tried and true: gift cards. Not only are they easy to send, but they give the person the opportunity to buy whatever their hearts’ desire is, whether it is because you don’t know what to get them, or you just want to treat them to a mini shopping spree from a store they love. It is also a more formal alternative then just giving someone money. Amazon has both physical cards as well as e-format, making them super easy to give.

Happy Shopping everyone! And Happy 2019 Holiday Season!

Are you doing Black Friday this year? Did anything on this list catch your eye? What are your go-to gifts to give? 

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  1. That travel makeup case looks amazing! Def gonna check that out on Cyber Monday. Great list and hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend girl ❤️

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