Human Connections, not objects

Nothing beats seeing a live event. Whether it is a concert, play, or a Broadway show. The energy and the excitement of the crowd can only be felt by being there. The interaction between the performers and the audience. The human connections.

This past week I have been blessed to attend two such shows. Two days ago I saw Carrie Underwood and last night I was lucky to see the Broadway show Les Miserables. Both were worth every bang of my buck.

For me, doing things is so important. Seeing things, experiencing cultural events. THAT is where I want to spend my time and money on events not THINGS.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate good fashion. One of my dreams is to be a stylist like Rachel Zoe (hey Rachel if you are reading this, call me!). An exquisite creation of a dress, or that pendant necklace, I am the first to go all googly eyes and start drooling.

I am a true fashionista and their are days I am lamenting my finances, but it isn’t because I am poor or greedy, it is because I am consciously saving for an adventure.

I want memories, not trinkets.

How many of us remember our outfit from last year? Unless it was for a special occasion or attached to an important life memory, chances are you don’t remember.

One of my most treasured bags is the Triumph Tote from Lululemon. I took it on my first trip abroad to Europe, I still have it and I still love it. I ended up buying my friends black one. It is a fabulous tote, but I also have a lot of sentimental emotion attached to it. Europe was life changing and because of that, everytime I see that bag I am reminded of those memories.

On the verge of sounding blasphemous, my Louis Vuitton tote does not invoke those same emotions. I mean I love it, but it is more of a lust factor then a once in this life time love.

The boots I wore Tuesday night? While at the moment my feet want to murder them (word to the wise girls breaking in brand new boots as stiff as skates is not advisable the night of an almost four hour concert where you are dancing on concrete) I will forever connect them with Carrie Underwood.

Events, concerts, traveling, that is where life is at. Not the latest gadget, or accessory. An iPhone will not make my life. While a Celine bag is divine, again it will not give me the satisfaction that traveling with friends or seeing a Broadway show will.

In a consumer age, we put more stock on having that coveted car, or the picket fence because things are more important, then connection. We might feel connected with social media. Yet we are so wrapped up with the device that contains the app for social media we miss out on life.

Last nights musical was chilling. It wasn’t because It was Broadway or the well known cast. It was the connection between them and us. The emotion and passion that was felt. That you would only be able to feel by being there.

The curtain call was one of the most heartfelt that I have seen in a longtime. The gratitude that those performing especially, Alfie Boe displayed, was truly humbling. I was grateful to have been able to witness it.

It would not have been the same, viewing it through a screen.

I am the first to ooo and ahh over pictures, esepcially of the ocean. But nothing beats seeing the ocean in person. To be able to smell the salty air. To feel the sand rain through your toes. That is life. That is living.

Things are not. They are just objects.

This last week will live in my mind for a long time, if not forever, but it will not be because I am holding something concretely in my hand. But because of the laughs, the live music, the feeing of others, and the artistry that make life so beautiful. The memories that will now forever live in my heart, but an incredible moment of time where life was not focused on objects but on human connections.


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