I Am Love

Self-love or lack there of, is something that everyone struggles with.

And if you haven’t ever struggled with it, can I please meet you?

How we look, what we weigh, never being good enough, being an epic failure, these are all negative thoughts that run through our heads constantly. In a running diatribe that only serve to bring as down even farther in to Hade’s hideaway of hell.

How we talk to ourselves, that internal voice, does just as much danger – if not more – then people who bad mouth us. Love begins with ourselves. If we can not love ourselves, how can we possibly love others? How can we spread love in a world that is so antagonistic as it is.

We don’t have to walk around singing about daisies and sunshine. We all have bad days where our moods are as sunk as the Titanic. But it is up to us to rewrite our own narratives into something positive.

It isn’t easy, but nothing in life ever is.

I might still be considered “Young” by a lot of people, but I have had more then my fair share of adversity. To the point at twenty-one years of age, I didn’t care whether I lived or died and at the rate I was going I was dying a slow death.

But I pulled myself up. I fought against the darkness. I changed my narrative into something positive.

Instead of saying “I am a failure. I am undeserving. I am ugly.” I chose to say, “I am beautiful. I am funny. I am love.”

Because every human being has the capacity to love. And to be loved. We just have to be receptive to it. We have to let ourselves feel love towards ourselves. Every last single one of us is deserving of that.

Last year, through a mutual friend, I discovered Blooming Lotus Jewelry. I loved that Jennifer created jewelry with intention. That every piece had love behind it. I settled on a Mantra bar necklace which I had inscribed with I AM LOVE as a reminder that I am. I may not always practice that towards myself, but when I feel myself slipping all I have to do is look at my necklace and remember…

I am love. So are you


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