I was Wanderlusting In……


Being the utter tease I am, I can finally tell you where I went this weekend. After an eight hour train ride from Penn to Essex Junction I arrived in Vermont for my friends surprise baby shower.

And was she surprised!

I stayed at my partner in crime otherwise known as Krystal’s, apartment Burlington where I was reunited with my spooning partner also known as Flora, a beautiful Pit bull mix and a diva in her own right.


Burlington and these friends hold an enormous place in my heart.

They were friends with my sister, and after she passed, adopted me into their fold. I am not just grateful for the connections of the past, but the connections we have forged since. I have never met a more loyal, crazy, fun, like-minded, loving, group of people as I have with my Saint Mike’s family. It isn’t just friends in the moment, but for life.


Being in Burlington, I had to go to my favorite restaurant, The Skinny Pancake. A rustic creperie with a bar, and farm to table scrumptiousness, it is always as much of a party in your mouth, as it is with the atmosphere.

After a satisfying meal, Friday, Saturday dawned with us in Operation Surprise Tori Baby Shower (Hashtag of course) mode. Her husband, John, got her out of the house so we could all descend upon it, and create a mess – I mean throw a party. Rushing around like mad people, we set up with plenty of time to spare, getting gifts, decorations, food and games, ready.


Then waiting commenced. We hid in the kitchen like a bunch of naughty school children, laughing and joking and just generally excited. When she walked in, lord was she surprised, not having expected a thing.

After many hugs, laughter, and even some teary eyes, though I swear it was allergies, the party was in full swing. My friends don’t just throw a baby shower, they define the word party. amongst the food and present opening, Krystal had made three games, and while they might have been baby oriented, they were not the typical baby shower games.

The funniest, was a game called Junk in the Trunk where you have a box with balls in it strapped to your derriere and you have to essentially twerk them out. Lord was it funny to see, especially the guys, and while we did take pictures, I am saving them for blackmail in years to come.

A game I dominated was a typical baby shower game where you had to put the diaper on the baby. Blindfolded. My years as an auntie – where yes I would even change a diaper -came to fruition, as I won. It might have been an unfair advantage, but hey, a win is a win.


It was a fun day, with some absolutely incredible people. I am so excited for Tori and John and can not wait to meet their little girl Lilianna in June. Another Gemini to corrupt.

The day was far from over. A bunch of us headed to the indoor trampoline park, which was the perfect way to work off all the scrumptious food, as well as to get a few badges of honors in bruises.

Afterwards, we went to the Taphouse where we didn’t just fill up on spirits and delicious gluten free pizza, but on belly laughs and non stop conversation.

This morning, before I hopped on the train Krystal and I made one last stop to the Skinny Pancake, so I could get my fix of both crepes and coffee before I headed back to the Concrete Jungle.


It was one for the books. Words can not describe how grateful I am for these people. I have tried to put into words many times. Yet, somehow, I feel I fail constantly at the adequacy of appreciation and love for my warm-hearted friends. These memories I hold dear, and the laughter and smiles still grace my face, as I head back to home.


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