I Won the Lottery…

“Let me tell you what I wish I’d known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
You have no control:
Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story?” ~ Hamilton an American Musical 

Hamilton Lottery

Okay NOT that Lottery, I know America was gripped in the lottery frenzy last week, and while yes winning billions of dollars would be nice, I personally think I won the better of the lotteries…


…winning a ticket to the Tony award winning show Hamilton on Broadway. Which also happens to be the HARDEST ticket to come by. Even more difficult then Harry Potter, and we all know how I was close to selling kidneys and my soul to that one!

Many shows have lotteries and rush tickets. Hamilton use to use a website (which also holds lotteries for other shows like Book of Mormon and Frozen) but now thank the founding fathers they have an app, which makes it much easier because your information is saved (so also probs making it easier for hackers, but whateves it is HAMILTON) and you just have to remember to sign up each day.

I have been doing the lottery for, no joke, two years! Planning it around other engagements and trips. If I am in the city, I apply. Finally after blood sweat and wondering if my application had gone into the ether, last Thursday morning my dreams came true.


I frickin’ won!

I have been getting notifications informing me that I lost pretty much every day. Good thing I don’t have a rejection complex! Thursday morning, I assumed it would be no different, until I glanced at my phone as I was headed out the door and it said I had won. I admit I freaked out just a bit. Sorry neighbors.

When you win the lottery, you have until four that day to buy a ticket for the show the following day and it is assigned seating. It is also ONLY ten dollars. Which given what the Hamilton tickets are going for (five thousand dollars PER ticket), is a major steal.


 The Theatre

The first thing I did when I got to the theatre was to FINALLY take my picture in front of the marquis. I had actually seen If/Then (twice) at the Richard Rodgers before it became the home of Hamilton so I do have my picture there. I can not tell you how many times I have walked past it since. BUT I refused to take my picture in front of the Hamilton marquis, until I had the opportunity to see it.

I have to give a shout out to the woman who took my picture. From Malaysia, she was with her daughter, and they were unable to get tickets. They were two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting/talking too. They were genuinely happy for me, and we talked at length, before I had to rush to get my ticket and go into the theatre.


I kinda felt like I had won the lottery, or I was a celeb. The staff were so incredibly gracious to me, and kept congratulating me. I was even escorted me to my seat by the usher.

Oh my word, guys I was second from the front, on an aisle. (yay for a quick escape during intermission to get to the bathroom!) They were incredible seats!


Finally in the Room

The show was incredible as was to be expected. Ryan Vasquez was on for Michael Luwoye as Alexander Hamilton, and he was phenomenal. He channeled Lin Manuel Miranda’s portrayal, while still putting his own spin on the founding father. Hamilton wasn’t exactly likable with his arrogance and insecurities, but he was brilliant and Vasquez seamlessly brought those dualities to life with his performance.

I was excited to see the insanely talented Lexi Lawson in one of her last performances as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton before she left the show. Somewhat overshadowed by her sister, Angelica, (Mandy Gonzalez who is a legend!) Eliza is the heart and soul of the show. Bringing the humanity and love to the other characters, Eliza was a mother fiercely protective, and as a wife, devoted even when Hamilton doesn’t always deserve it. Lawson portrayed her flawlessly, bringing not only the chills, but also the tears, making her the true star of the show.


Two scene stealers were James Monroe Inglehart who I last had the pleasure of seeing as Genie (a role he originated) in Aladdin two years ago. He flowed seamlessly between the dual rolls of Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson and was even comedic relief after the gut wrenching number “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Thayne Jasperson was also BRILLIANT in the dual roll of John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton, bringing and exuberance as well as laughs.

The choreography was done with precision. The show has very little dialogue with most of it done in either song or a rap. While at times it made it a little difficult to follow if you don’t know the story (I do) it makes it so fast paced that the show flies by and before you know it, it was sadly over.


I have to give huge accolades to the cast. This is NOT an easy show to star in. Because of the intense choreography, and constant singing/rapping, this is a physically draining show. Many of the leads also portray two characters, and the amount of lyrics they need to memorize is astounding. Yet it is done seamlessly. None of the actors gave the impression they were tired or exhausted, and the energy was kept up until the very end.

It is a show that deserves every single one of its awards. The cast from the leads to the ensemble are some of the most talented people on Broadway right now. Over a week later I am still in awe of them. It was an amazing night spent at the theatre and I am so lucky and grateful that I had the opportunity to see it, and to finally be in the room where it happened.


Have you seen Hamilton? What were your thoughts on it? What is a show you would sell a kidney to see? 

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9 thoughts on “I Won the Lottery…

  1. YAY!! So glad Lady Luck paid you a visit, Kate — you were clearly both deserving, and very appreciative. I haven’t seen Hamilton yet but based on your review can not wait! Wonderful post! xo

  2. I didn’t realize that you enjoyed the show( LOL) So very happy you had the chance to experience this musical! Love you

  3. Ah, so awesome! I have heard so, so many good things about Hamilton! I need to get on the bandwagon and check it out! I’m so glad you could have this experience!

  4. I always learn so much about Broadway from your posts! I had no idea you had to literally win a ticket lottery to see Hamilton! CRAZY! But how exciting you got it! Woooohooooo! You can tell just how happy you are- radiating joy!! I feel like it would be next level amazing to watch if you know the ins and outs/actors. Your knowledge probably just enhances the whole experience! I think I would also sell a kidney to see HP!! xoxo

  5. OMG! That’s so amazing! Congratulations so much! I could only dream of watching Hamilton, hopefully they come back here again. But wow, how much you lucked out on this one! What’s your favorite song? I won’t even press you if you say that it’s the whole thing, because that’s what I personally feel. Much love and more shows in the future!

  6. That’s amazing that you won! I haven’t entered the lottery in awhile, I should start that again. I have seen it twice though, once when it first opened in Chicago and once about a year ago. I loved it each time!

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