Ice Cream Decadence: Day Three continued

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz 

I know you are all thinking I left something epic out on Day Three right? I mean after all that mermaid fun a girl has got to be hungry, right? You would be right!


For the sake of lengthy posts and the fact that what we had for dessert was so flipping amazing, I decided that I needed to cut day three into two posts.


After stopping for another coffee at Peet’s, we all traipsed back to my aunts for a short siesta. I called my madre, then Sarah and I took some photos out on my aun’ts deck. We were a little undecided about dinner and finally decided to venture down to Fisherman’s wharf for some Italian and seafood at Capurro’s.


I loved the nautical vibe, and our waiter was hysterical, even hitting on my almost seventy year old aunt which brought the total of been hitting on her too three in ONE day! She has still got it!


Afterwards, literally drunk on happiness, we made our way back to Ghirardelli square for the main event of the evening: Ice cream sundaes.




Seriously, that is all I can say.



The line was out the door running into the plaza which held other shops and restaurants. Thankfully it moved quite quickly, and we were able to place our order and snag a table and then some selfies before our ice cream came.

Being a caramel aficionado, I had ordered the sea salt caramel sundae, which had vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel AND salt. It was topped in typical sundae fashion, with whip cream and typical Ghirardelli fashion, a chocolate square.


I was in ice cream heaven.


Ice cream is one of my favorite, if not the dessert preference of choice.


I do not know how my aunt lives so close to there because literally I would be there every day!


It was the perfect way to end such an amazing day!

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4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Decadence: Day Three continued

  1. Oh.em.gee…..Ghirardelli ice cream- YESSSSS. I hear such wonderful things about Ghirardelli square and that it’s a must go to place….esp with my sweet tooth- I think I’d be there every day if I was that close too lol Ps love all your cute little selfiessss <3

    xo, JJ

  2. I need to legit make a bucket list just from these posts alone! Capurro’s added to the list- I have passed it several times and it looks YUM!!!!! Annnnnd YES YES YES YES YES! Ghiradelliiii!!! I am TOTALLY getting sea salt caramel sundae next time. That sounds and looks like literal perfection. I’m drooooling!!

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