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If We Were Having Coffee: April 2020 Social Distancing Edition


“History happens as soon as I pick up my coffee cup – it happened 30 seconds ago. It’s history.” ~ Margot Lee Shetterly

A LOT has changed

I think it is safe to say we all wish we could be having coffee together right now. It is insane to me how much has changed since the last time I did a coffee post. Not to be all depressing (or overwhelming), but I was recapping 2019, hopeful for 2020, but had also just received the news my Grandmother had been admitted to ICU after being found unconscious. Flash forward to today, and it is Good Friday, the holiest week on the Christian calendar, and yet we cannot celebrate because we are in the middle of a pandemic, and the country has been shut down for a month. And in between, a lot of other depressing stuff has happened, which I won’t get into, because I really do NOT want to be depressing, but if you are curious read my previous posts.

I am no stranger to life changing in an instant, but lately it feels like the Twilight Zone. Am I right? Also while I like to be optimistic, 2020 needs a HUGE ‘tude adjustment. Like ASAP. Tequila, Xanax, something. I am ready to bribe her. And I am more then ready for this year to start looking up. That said, we are in charge of our happiness and destiny and while I like to say it would look up after social distancing, I am trying to make it look up now. Starting with Zoom coffee dates with friends.

If We Were Having Coffee: I would more then likely be drinking Dalgona coffee. yes guys I jumped on the bandwagon. Though in my defense I didn’t even know it was a bandwagon, until I started seeing it posted on Instagram and Tik-Tok. Honestly though, I am NOT jumping off anytime soon. Thanks to coffee shops being closed, and (kinda) more time on my hands, I have been trying my hand at different coffee drinks, like egg coffee (my fav) and the aforementioned Dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is also known as whipped coffee and it is so yummy and SO easy to make. Though I have to warn you, it packs a major punch! Not that I am complaining, I love my coffee strong.

If We Were Having Coffee: I would ask how you were doing. While it is a common greeting in society, I am truly asking. It is so important to check in on people, always, but especially right now. I really care and I WANT to know. And please do not say fine if you aren’t. Seriously, life is NOT fine right now, and it is okay to admit that and to be honest about that. I am so guilty of saying fine, (even when I have tears streaming down my face) but we are human and life is both glorious and messy. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be human. It is what good friends are for, to listen, support, offer reality checks, and ALL the laughs and love.

If We Were Having Coffee: I have been finding a lot of quotes that resonate with me lately, and this one I think is especially fitting. We truly are living history. This will be in history books. We will be telling future generations about this. And it is insane and crazy. And just plain insane. I don’t think I can fully articulate how insane it is, except just keep repeating the word insanity. A friend had asked if any of us were documenting it, and I have a little bit on here and in private ramblings. Writing has always been my therapy, it has also been a way to reflect, and come to terms with feelings in ways you can’t always do as you are going through something, and I feel that applies in this situation. We haven’t yet, fully comprehended the true significance of what is happening right now.

If We Were Having Coffee: As I mentioned in my previous post, last week was a hard week. It didn’t help I was dealing with Aunt Flo who has really been letting the COVID get to her, (also thanks to COVID, appointments/procedures have been postponed which honestly kinda stinks) and I was in a ton of pain and an emotional basket case, more so then usual it seemed. Hearing the news coming out of New York, and talking to my family and friends who are there and dealing with this, was incredibly overwhelming to take in. This week I am trying to social distance from the news and even social media to certain extent. I am attempting to find moments of peace, and especially the bright spots in all of this, of which there are many. We just have to seek them out.

If We Were Having Coffee: Guys, yesterday it snowed. We. Got. Snow. Three days before Easter. What the heck?!?! I know, I know, I said I was going to look for the bright spots, but snow ain’t it guys. I totally own the fact that I am bitter about that white stuff falling! After getting some hot tan lines earlier this week, (yay for hanging in my backyard) rocking tank tops on hikes, and putting away all my heavy jackets, it snowed! I sincerely hope this is the last of it or Mother Nature and I are gonna have some strong words! I know we are all quarantined, but I would much rather be quarantined with nice weather then cold snow. I have to say with Hallmark airing Christmas movies again this weekend, (yay!) and the snow it does kinda feel more like Christmas then Easter.

If We Were Having Coffee: Speaking of hanging outside, I feel like I am channeling my inner child again. Because the weather has been nice and warm, (except for the abomination of yesterday) I have been spending a ton of time outside, especially when we have my nephews and niece. We have been doing everything from jumping rope, to hopscotch, to playing with kinetic sand. We even discovered an old Skippit that had been my brothers. I don’t even think they make those anymore! I also have been going for walks. It has been fun connecting with nature after the cold months and doing things with the kiddos that I haven’t done since I was their age.

If We Were Having Coffee: This sounds so frivolous and I kinda feel guilty for vocalizing this, but my birthday is coming up and while I was originally going to celebrate in Italy, Which also happened to coincide with my best friend who was getting married there, (Eeeeek!) thanks to the pandemic, plans had to be changed ASAP. As it is, I am not even sure when she will be getting married and when we will be able to celebrate her big day. As for my birthday, which is kind of a big one, I will be 29. Again. I was hoping I would be able to make alternative travel plans, even if it is only in the States, but that remains to be seen. 

If We Were Having Coffee: I am bummed we can’t celebrate Easter this year. I understand why and I am grateful that my church is following the rules and has shut down unlike some that haven’t, but it still sucks. This is the time of year, even more so then Christmas, where I connect to my religion and it really resonates inside my heart. There is something incredibly transcendent about celebrating the Triduum, and for the first time in centuries, Catholics are unable to do so. While I am disappointed that we won’t have the pomp and circumstance in the church, at the same time, I also strongly believe, more now then ever, that you don’t need a church to celebrate or connect with God. It truly comes from with in and while Easter celebrations might be a little bit quieter, our relationship with God does not have to be.

If We Were Having Coffee: While it has been longer then a hot second since I have seen my family and friends and given them huge hugs, I love the fact that I can do video chats with them that includes coffee dates and the occasional happy hour with some vino. I am grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people who despite the social distancing we are still finding ways to connect and support each other. When this is all over I don’t think any of us will be taking coffee dates or human connections for granted like we might have before. Stay safe friends, and until our next coffee date, virtual or in person. <3

If We Were Having Coffee what would you be drinking? How have you been handling this pandemic? Are you documenting it? How are YOU doing? 

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