If We Were Having Coffee: Happy 2019

“Nothing can replace sleep, but coffee can do it best. I love coffee.” ~ Kelley O’Hara

If We Were Having Coffee…

Happy New Years everyone! I hope the year is treating you all four days into 2019. I can not believe that we are in January having started another year. Where the heck did time go? It is cray-cray or as my nephew informed me “So cray Silly Auntie Kate.”3442C03C-0E8B-4762-A7CE-1517AEA8600D

With the start of a New Year, I thought it was appropriate to do a long awaited edition of if We Were Having Coffee since it has been a hot second (or three months) since I have done one of these posts. I love them, not just because the title pays ode to coffee, not because it is a themed update post, BUT because it lets me be my crazy rambling self and discuss anything and everything that otherwise does NOT fit into a blog post.


I could joke and say that I am giving up coffee in 2019 but I am pretty sure none of you would believe me. In fact I think the world will have ended if that happens. Since I went home for the holidays (so cliche, BUT true) in the White Mountains, I have been drinking all of the skim maple lattes. Seriously, I do not know how there is any maple syrup left in New England! I am going to miss them when I fly back to New York on Sunday.


If We Were Having Coffee…

I am a little salty about how quickly the holidays flew by. AND the fact that they stopped playing Christmas music the day AFTER Christmas! What happened to the 12 Days of Christmas? Does NO one have any respect for the season anymore?


Okay, I might be being a tad dramatic, but it always confuses me how they start super early and yet the day after, Christmas might as well have never existed. When we are all off to actually enjoy it. It also hurts because Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is DONE! Noooo WHAT am I going to do for the next ten months without my sanitized Harlequin come to life movies?!?! (Well technically seven cause they do a two week preview in July, but STILL!!!!) Seriously the TV is SO depressing now.


Thank the television gods that The Blacklist JUST returned. Seriously if you have not watched that show, you are missing out. What show is your current obsession?


If We Were Having Coffee…

I am sure the topic of New Years Resolutions would come up while we are drinking our Joe that I refuse to give up. While I am all for you doing you, and if you make them, that is great, but I personally do not. I am always down for pushing and bettering yourself, but in my opinion, you can and should strive for that and create goals regardless of the time of year or date on a calendar.


For me, I make goals every day, no matter how big or small. Studies have shown that smaller goals actually make it more feasible to attain larger goals and you are less likely to fail. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves that we tend to feel more discouraged when we have a slip-up with our resolutions which is going to be inevitable. We are human, the beauty is when we succeed despite our failures.


If We Were Having Coffee…

My visit home has been amazing. Just the amount of chill and relaxation, with some fun activities, and filled with the absolute best of people. I got to not only watch my nephew play hockey, but I got to skate with him as well!


If We Were Having Coffee…

I am in full clean out mode! I move in May and I have NO idea where I am going (yet), but I do know it is only going to be with two suitcases. (if that!) It is both stressful AND exhilarating minimizing my life so much. I am lucky because I can store some things at my parents, but the amount of tchotchkes, dishes and dare this fashionista say it? EVEN clothes, are so unnecessary. 5C67B78B-4D93-4768-8814-AE0D2D424F37

HOW did I accumulate all of this stuff? In many ways it has been extremely cathartic to clean out and just get rid of all of this stuff! It is also making me much more conscientious about what I am buying and bringing into my apartment.


If We Were Having Coffee…

Speaking of moving, I have NO trips planned. (yet) I am trying to save money for my move, but I might squeeze one last domestic adventure before I head over to the pond! My calendar is a little sad, but I am ecstatic for new adventures and I know I will be making up for it come May!


If We Were Having Coffee…I would ask how are you? What are you drinking? What is something you are excited about in 2019? 



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5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Happy 2019

  1. I love this idea of a coffee chat post! How fun! I could never give up coffee — I love it so very much! <3 Sounds like you had an amazing holiday! I like to start celebrating the evening of Thanksgiving, right up to New Year's. This year, I took down the decorations the day after Christmas. It was so sad!! Have a great weekend!

  2. If we were having coffee, I’d get a vanilla latte with extra vanilla or a smoldering hot chocolate with whipped cream (duh!). I would tell you that that red color is STUNNING on you and that the post-Christmas blues are hitting me HARD. I miss Steve Lund already. 🙁 Thank you for checking in over the holidays, your friendship is invaluable to me. <3 <3

  3. First of all I am so with you on how fast the Christmas period flew by! It’s crazy that its the end of January right now. I’m so glad you had a good time visiting home. Good luck with moving! Xx

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