If We Were Having Coffee….July Edition

“Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith.” ~ Kareena Kapoor Khan

With my updates from San Diego taking a bit longer then I had planned due to a smorgasbord of unforeseen circumstances, some good some bad, I haven’t posted an update in a Loooonnngggg while. In other words I be slackin’ dear readers. Nothing is more update-y (in my humble opinion) then grabbing coffee with friends. In fact in between all my adventures, I tried to fit in some much needed coffee dates and catch-ups with my friends.


As much as I love traveling, I do miss my peeps and caffeine dealers, a.k.a. my baristas who have my drink ready before I even order!

If We were Having Coffee…

Not going to lie, I would be wondering where I am, what day it is, and just be utterly confused on time. I have been on the road A LOT. I have also been in the sky, on a boat and ridin’ a train. In fact as I write this I have taken every form of major transportation there is, except a moped, or a segway, but those aren’t major and this joke fell flat, unlike the world which is NOT. I know I be traveling it!


It seemed like I had just gotten back from San Diego and then wham four days later, I was on a ferry to Nantucket (THAT review will be coming soon) for an impromptu trip that ended up being one of the most magical (and much needed) travel experiences, I have had in a long while.

Which is saying a lot!


Three days after I came back form Nantucket, I was back in Massachusetts to do our annual Boston Harbor Island’s trip with my sister-in-law, brother, and their adorable munchkins.

AND THEN (Yes there is more!) I surprised my Dad a few days late for his seventy-fifth birthday up in New Hampshire.


If we were having coffee…

My Dad legit breaks my heart. I actually managed to surprise him. He thought I was visiting in August (which I still am) not July. He hasn’t had an easy year health wise. But despite all the frustration and setbacks, he is still laughing, cracking jokes, and being his amazingly strong stoic self. He is such an amazing role model and I am so happy I could surprise him and bring a smile to his face.


If we were having coffee…

With all the traveling, my coffee drinking has been varied, from maple lattes, to K-cup brewed coffee with flavored creamer, (yes you read that right!) to my vanilla sweet cream cold brew, to iced coffee with cream and sugar (again read that right) to even green juice instead of coffee!

Heck I don’t even know what I am drinking anymore!


Thankfully I am happy to have a couple weeks reprieve from traveling. No, I am not sick, and yes you read that right (again, have you dropped from shock yet?). Living out of a suitcase with the same clothes gets exhausting. Yo’ girl needs clothing options! And her bed. And her regular baristas who are wondering if I still live in the city because I haven’t really been there since the beginning of June.

Yes, despite my love for jetsetting, I am ready for a routine and to stop shocking my body with poor coffee choices.


If we were having coffee…

Joking aside, I am so incredibly blessed to be able to travel and experience different places. You learn so much, not just about yourself, but about others. You realize the small speck of land you inhabit, is just that, small. YOU have the power to make it bigger. To grow, explore, and connect with others. To actually live life and even change it, instead of making it solely about your existence. WE have that power and we need to use it.



If we were having coffee…

This summer, really this year, has been a bunch of trial and tribulations. Between my Dad, my own constant ear and sinus infections, and continued, yet completely unnecessary drama in my hometown, it has been tough. But it has been teaching me to lean on people and express myself vocally more. Something I have always shied away from and kept my emotions and feelings to myself.


It is a process, but one that despite everything, I am incredibly grateful for. I have amazing friends in my life, and while sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the ones who hate and spread rumors about you, ultimately THEY do not matter. It is the people who know you, really know you and have no fear of standing by your side and love you for you, who matter.

I am utterly grateful for them AND for all of you. <3


If we were having coffee… What are you up too? What have you been drinking? 

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22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee….July Edition

    1. This made my day! Thank you so much for the sweet words beauty! Thank you! And I hope YOU are having an incredible summer! I am obsessed with all of your outfits! <3

  1. lol love that you’ve been drinking all sorts of coffee flavors 😂 and how amazing that you’ve been doing so much traveling, but i don’t blame you for being a bit excited for some downtime!!

    1. Soooo I have a particular drink for each place I go….It has turned into a REAL identity crisis…Coldbrew at…Starbucks! Wait I am not at Starbucks! Lol. I do love it. I love exploring, but I am happy to be back and explore my city for a bit. Thanks beauty! <3

  2. You have such a peaceful blogging spot outside! I’d love that! & holy wow, you travel a lot! I’d not be able to handle it all but it was soooo sweet that you surprised your father. ♡

    1. Awe thanks beauty! Unfortunately it was my blogging spot for only a week. It was the AirBnB we stayed at in Nantucket. It was amazing. I do! I love traveling but I was definitely getting frazzled near the end! Thanks beauty! I hope you are having an amazing week! <3

      1. Aww!! Well, at least you got to enjoy the lovely blogging spot for some time. 🙂 I hope you are settling in at home nicely, have a good week, too!!! <3

  3. Ahhh the perfect read for me as a tea and coffee lover, I simply had to make myself a cuppa after reading this.. oops! 🙈 p.s – you’re looking glowy as always hun xx

    1. Your comments always make me smile! Lol. I am so happy I could help feed your coffee addiction ;p Awe thank you so much sweets! You are the best! <3

  4. I am so appreciative of your blog! Around the time we started talking, I was looking for new people to interact with, and I felt quite negative towards blogging. I was close to just thinking – I don’t want to do this anymore! But it’s people like you who have changed my mind, so thank you!!
    Anyway, you have been doing a lot of travelling and it’s all looked amazing! I get what you mean though, that it must be nice to take a little break. You look beautiful as always and I hope your dad is doing okay. xx

    1. Awe Laura, this comment made my day. Thank YOU so much for the sweet words. I am so lucky to have “met” you. I always look forward to your posts, comments and pictures always brighten my day and always make me think. So Thank YOU sweet lady! SO much love to you! <3
      I have been! And it really has been! I have been so lucky, but it is nice to take a break every once in awhile 🙂 Awe thank you beauty! He is hanging in there! Thank you so much for asking! And thank you for your sweet comment! You are the best! <3

  5. I found you through one of Laura’s comment sections, so to my surprise when you also do a “coffee talk” session. I love reading these on her blog, and I was extremely pleased when I saw you do these too! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been traveling loads (even if you’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all of it). It’s okay to feel that way and still feel happy and blessed. I feel like as an Ambivert, sometimes when I don’t get enough rest, I feel exhausted, even if I am blessed by all the amazing things happening in my life! I’m glad to hear you’re having such an amazing July xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

  6. i love the whole vibe of this post! You look so happy and chill and youre so beautiful xx
    also i noticed you have a macbook, do you mind letting me know how good they are because i wanted to buy one but i saw some reviews on youtube saying the battery life is really bad, it glitches a lot etc

    Great post though and i cannot wait to do a ‘if we were having coffee’ on my blog soon too!

    Sareena | http://www.theallofitblog.wordpress.com

  7. If we were having coffee, I would not be drinking coffee I would be drinking hot chocolate! I am so not a coffee gal 😂 It sounds like you’ve been really busy! You must be exhausted- travelling is wonderful but there comes a time when you really just need your home comforts like your own bed and local coffee shop. However I am so happy you’ve been living your life to the max, Nantucket sounds amazing and like you had the best time. Sometimes the spontaneous trips do turn out to be the best ones don’t they! I can’t wait to read about all your adventures.
    How sweet that you surprised your Dad. And you are still seeing him next month too. I can only imagine how happy that must have made him ❤️ Bless you both! What a lovely memory for the both of you. Sending you both lots of love, I’m sorry to hear he’s been poorly but seeing you could only make him feel better I am sure.
    Enjoy the rest of your Summer beauty, keep being your fantastic self ❤️

  8. I can’t wait to hear about Nantucket! It sounds so beautiful there. I wish we could get coffee together right now. You totally have me wanting to try a maple latte!

  9. URGH. I know I commented on this too! I wonder how long this has been going on . BUT basically what I said was you are not slackin’ you are LIVING, it’s allll good!! And I melted at your dad’s reaction that you posted <3 It was so so special. I am so sorry that you are dealing with that hometown drama- how can anyone ever pick a bone with you?! But you have a great perspective on the situation. Big hugs to you, lady! Hope this goes through! XOX

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