If We Were Having Coffee: November Edition

“One of my favorite things is to have a three-hour conversation over coffee with someone.” ~ Andy Grammer

Peppermint White Mochas

It has been a hot minute (or month) since I did an If We Were Having Coffee post and it is high time I did an update. I write this from the snowy White Mountains of New Hampshire. I flew home for Thanksgiving on Thursday. (sort of last minute) And while you know I am ALL about that maple latte life from Frontside I have kinda been on a Peppermint White Mocha kick from Starbucks.

Wait Whaaaa—?!?!

What is wrong with me?


But guys it is SO yummy! And it is Christmasy. AND Starbucks has their Christmas cups out! (my favorite is the green) Oh happy days! I might be a mermaid, but guys I am a mermaid who flipping LOVES the Holidays! Gimme a Santa hat and let’s all say merry Mer-Christmas!


If We Were Having Coffee…

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it home Thursday. The Northeast got hit with a Nor’easter that afternoon and New York got hammered.  While I love to torture myself with early morning flights, we were actually delayed thanks to the terminal being evacuated at the security screening. (turned out to be nothing but better safe then not) Thank the aviation gods, I follow the rules and get to the airport two hours early, because all the commotion happened after I was already through and waiting at my gate.

An hour late, we finally took off, and not a moment to soon. While it was a turbulent flight, we escaped the snow by a hair. Of course I woke up to that fluffy white stuff the next morning, since New Hampshire also got the storm.


If We Were Having Coffee… I admit to being Christmas obsessed. I am helping my mom put up her tree. (Yup pre-Thanksgiving!) And am almost done with all my shopping.

BUT while I have been planted in front of the television watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and rocking out to Christmas music, I am NOT ready for snow. Snow in November? NO thank you! I NEED to move to Bali or Greece. I can not handle this shizzle!


If We Were Having Coffee… Speaking of warmer climates, I am headed to Charleston in ten days (I did a fabulous job of planning trips) and SO excited! Warmer weather. Amazing friends. New memories and adventures. So much happiness! Charleston is one of my favorite cities, if not my favorite city, and eventually I hope to move there.


If We Were Having Coffee… I am so excited for the holidays. I did a shoot last week for my Christmas cards as well as some holiday content for this blog and I can not wait to share it with you guys.

If you follow me on Insta or Facebook you might have seen a sneak peak.

My best friend is an incredible photographer and always makes me feel so beautiful which is honestly what an amazing photographer should do.


If We Were Having Coffee… Speaking of photographers, my five year old nephew took these pictures. At five he is already a pro!

My parents had my two youngest nephews for the weekend. I have been joking that my brother, SiL, and I switched states, because they were in Long Island for a wedding, while I was here in New Hampshire.

Of course we couldn’t resist a Starbucks date and I am sure we will have more while I am here. They are a huge part of why I love coming home and made the last year and a half bearable. They absolutely make my heart melt. I am so excited to spend Thanksgiving with them.


If We Were Having Coffee… I would ask what you guys were up to? How are you spending your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) or even just the week? Are you excited for the holidays? 


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8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: November Edition

  1. I’m glad you were able to escape the snow just in time! I always make it a point to get to the airport early too. I drive past the airport and see the parking lot which is the exit towards it too often to risk being late!

  2. I’m pretty sure Starbucks stores in New Zealand don’t do Christmas cups 🙁 your Christmas card photoshoot sounds fun, can’t wait to see how things turned out!

  3. Yaaasssssss! Your nephew and his photography skills…he clearly has me beat already! David and I will be spending our Thanksgiving with his family and doing Christmas with his sister and her family so that’ll be fun! I hope you have an awesome day and an even better holiday lovely! <3 <3

  4. Your nephew is a great photographer and he has a beautiful subject to photograph! The peppermint white mocha sounds really, really, really great! Like I want one right now!

    You definitely picked a great time to plan a trip to Charleston! I am with you on being excited for Christmas, but not quite ready for snow!

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