If We Were Having Coffee Summer 2021 Edition

“Coffee is a language in itself.” ~ Jackie Chan

Happy July!

I haven’t done one of these in eons. I actually I think it has been well over a year. A global pandemic kinda isn’t very friendly towards coffee dates, or even coffee in general, even if you do make it at home, it doesn’t have quite the same jive in my opinion. That being said, let’s chat friends! Things ARE opening up, I went to my office aka a coffee shop for the first time in over a year last week and this week I had my first in person coffee date which had also been over a year. Oh happy days! It is July AND a holiday weekend approaches us! So let’s have a Coffee Date whether it be in person or even just cyber, because there really isn’t anything better and I should have done one of these a long time ago.

If We Were Having Coffee: I would have said that I would be drinking my salted caramel cold foam cold brew from Starbucks because it is heavenly, but first, with all the shortages I keep getting upgraded, not that I am complaining, and second if you have seen my June Friday Favorites post you know I am addicted to the Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refreshers. SO darn yummy and well refreshing! Also funnily I think I have been in New England WAY to long because I started drinking cold brew right after the holidays, but in my defense we were still stuck inside where I could be curled up with a blanket and the heat was set to ninety.

If We Were Having Coffee: I would ask what are you drinking, because that really is an important question, But then I would also ask how are you all doing? Like REALLY doing? Not just the generic “Oh, how are you?” But also mentally HOW are you doing? I came to the realization through out all of this that; good friends will ask how you are, but Best friends, best friends ask how you are doing mentally, because they actually care. So how ARE you mentally doing?

If We Were Having Coffee: I would ask if you have any Fourth of July plans or summer plans in general. With life opening up, I am ready and excited to hop on a plan. I have always really enjoyed flying, and while I have made some car trips, (which I hate driving!) flying has always been where it is at for me. Last year I spent the Fourth on a beach, but I have a feeling it might be a bit busier, but that won’t deter me…much! I would also be shameless and ask if you saw my Fourth of July Look Book and what did you think?

If We Were Having Coffee: It should be no shock I am living for all the sunshine and summer days! And honestly the heat wave we just had, didn’t bother me one bit. I loved it! I wish it was warm year round! Alas since it cannot be (at least where I am right now) I am trying to soak up as much sun as I can! But I can’t believe it is July already! Time sure flies and June really was such an amazing month with ALL the birthday festivities. And it really was a month long celebration!

If We Were Having Coffee: We would be talking about all the life updates! This seems to be the season for change both for me and my friends and I am here for it! Not only am I getting ready to move, (FINALLY!) but I have a lot of exciting projects I am working on, including on niching this blog a bit more. This past year I really focused on growing my business and brand. I was also given the incredible opportunity to work with more nautical brands located along the New England Coast and it is something I want to expand on, after all not only am I Live In The Nautical, but Nautical New England designers are an incredibly talented, but also friendly bunch and I have loved getting to know so many of them and cultivating these relationships.

If We Were Having Coffee: We can’t have coffee without talking about some more lighthearted topics like entertainment, (I mean are you team Will or team Harry??!) and of course ALL the TV. Lord knows there was a lot of binge watching this past year, so what did you watch? Did you hop on the Bridgerton train? See all the Marvel series? (I love Loki!) Heck are you watching the steamiest new show that no one wants to admit to on Netflix? Yes, I have watched it and yes that scene on episode three minute nineteen….Oy-vey! Any who, I actually watch most of my shows while I am editing pics, but I have gotten into foreign shows and films with subtitles an I love it! It has let me brush up on my French and Russian!

Unfortunately all fun coffee dates have to come to an end, and I believe leaving on a fun note, (BUT DID you watch that Netflix show?!?!) I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend if you are in the states and fun summer weekend in general! So much love to you friends! <3


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