If We Were having Coffee…

“Coffee has always been a significant part of my life. For me, it’s a chance to start my day and gather my thoughts – it’s fuel for my creative process.” ~ Connor Franta

About Darn Time For Some Coffee

I can not believe that it has taken me so many blogging years (true story, I have been around the blogging block) to do a “If We Were having Coffee…” post. I have legit failed at blogging as well as paying homage to my one true love Caffeina, Goddess of Coffee.


Disclaimer, she doesn’t exist, regardless of what Google says.

It is true I have stalked Jamie and Anni’s blogs for months, lamenting on their “If We Were having Coffee…” posts about the fact I haven’t done one of these. You would think that would have made me actually do one. Nope. The award for procrastination (and I thought I was Type A) goes to me. But alas dear readers, I have broken the drought and finally, FINALLY done one.


Drink of Choice

Of course we can not have coffee without, well, some coffee. Because it is never simple with the Gemini, (oh hollah, it is coming into our month!)  my coffee order depends on WHERE we are having coffee as well as the season.


Since it FINALLY feels like Spring, and I am obsessed with my new Starbuck’s location and the fab barista’s that work there, I am going with a grande vanilla sweet cream Cold-Brew, light ice, which legit gives me life during the Summer. I use to order it with an extra pump of vanilla, but my taste buds have changed, and it is much to sweet. My skater thighs are very much grateful.


If We Were Having Coffee… I would be doing a happy dance that the weather is so flipping nice! I mean part of me thinks that Mother Nature skipped Spring, but I am okay with that, I prefer Summer anyway…I owe you a coffee if you read that last part in an Elsa voice.


If We Were Having Coffee… we would be discussing Avengers Infinity Wars and how flipping epic it was. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t give spoilers, but I would wonder why the heck you hadn’t seen it yet. Have you seen it? I am also super excited for Captain Marvel, the FIRST female lead in the MCU MOVIE Universe. About darn time Marvel!


If We Were Having Coffee… I would probably pick your brain and tell you how rough the last week has been and how I have major anxiety about going home due to stupid drama that didn’t have too even be made into a huge deal, especially since I don’t flipping live there anymore. Are we in high school or are we flipping adulting?


If We Were Having Coffee… I would say despite the drama, I have realized just how supported I am, and that I have the best people in my life. It is easy to focus on the one person who doesn’t like us, but they aren’t worth our energy. I am so grateful for my family and friends and if anyone can make the trip worthwhile, it is my nephews, the oldest of which already has a list of activities planned for us to do.


If We Were Having Coffee… I would mention how I have been running a ton, (I ran an unofficial half marathon a couple weeks ago) and how I am contemplating racing again. It has been two years since I ran a race, but the athlete in me is itching to again.


If We Were Having Coffee… I would be ridiculously excited that my birthday month is just weeks away, and I am ready to embrace all that is Gemini. As I get closer to thirty, I have discovered a confidence I seriously lacked in my early twenties and I love it. I am no longer scared to push my comfort zone boundaries.


If We Were Having Coffee… I would own up to the fact that I am not holding Cold-brew in these pictures, but a cafe au lait which is much more photo worthy then a plastic cup. I would also be laughing at all the outtakes because I legit take hundreds of pictures, and only approve of a handful. For your laughing pleasure I would/will share this one…The cup was hot!


If We Were Having Coffee… I would ask how you were and what was gong on with you. I would be happy that I got to spend quality time with great friends. I would also probably cheers with you, because there is always something to celebrate. Since we aren’t together, I will raise my cyber coffee to you dear readers anyway! I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying some java!


What have you been up too? What is your coffee or drink of choice when getting together with friends? 

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24 thoughts on “If We Were having Coffee…

  1. Aaw love this! I felt like I was having a catchup with you! I wish we was having coffee (well tea for me)😙 I can’t believe this is your first If we were having coffee post. You are the coffee queen😊 x

    1. I LOVE this comment! I wish we were too! It would be so much fun! Hehe I can’t either! About darn time! Lol. Hehe thanks beauty! I hope you are having an amazing day😘😘😘

  2. Ahhhh! I love these kinds of posts! If we were having coffee we would talk Steve Lund, Hallmark Christmas movies, Logan Huntzberger, The Resident, our similar taste in music and how off the cliff I am over Riverdale! It would be a hoot for sure! I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! <3

    1. They are the best! Girl YASSS! I would be living for our coffee dates!!! They would be SO much fun! And I NEED to jump on the Riverdale Boat! It really would be! Thanks sweets! I hope you also are having a fab weekend!😘😘😘

  3. I love these posts as they are so good for getting to know you and also because, well coffee. I have also never done one of these but I am defo going to at some point! My coffee order is a soya caramel latte, at the moment I’m having it iced as the sun is also out where I am ! Xx

    1. I do too which is why it is shocking I haven’t done one until now. And my slight obsession with coffee😝 they really are. And girl you definitely have to do one! I know it would be awesome! That sounds SO yummy! I drink caramel lattes during the winter! Sooo good! And yay! So happy it is sunny where you are! I hope you are having a terrific weekend!💗

  4. I stinking adoreeeee this post!!!! Ok you are the cutest, I am obsessed with your outfit, just radiant seriously. And I just love love your writing. I believe that Caffeina does exist, and you are actually her. I TOTALLY READ that part in Elsa’s voice. Hahah. Oh girllll, preach. High school-esque dram needs to end. I hope your anxiety gets better and everything ends up going perfectly smoothly <3 <3 Yay for races!!!! If you can do an unofficial half, I say at least sign up for one and get the tshirt 😉

    I know you call that picture and outtake, but I’m so glad you included it. So dang cute. I really did feel like I just had coffee with you, this is such a fun idea. <3

    1. Girl I adore YOU!!! Awe you are the sweetest! Seriously this made me smile so big. You have such a big heart beauty! Thank you! That is the greatest compliment anyone could give me and coming from you means the world! Haha oh my caffeinated world that would be amazing if I was her!😝 YES!!!! This is why we are friends you get my Disney quirks!🤣
      Girl seriously you have NO idea how much that means to me. Thank you. Hopefully!
      Hehe right?!?! All that effort I deserve a t-shirt🤣
      Awe thank you. I love your comments! They are the sweetest!
      AweI love that! I loved our coffee date and we need another one! Perhaps in SD? So much love to you sweetie!😘😘😘

  5. I prefer summer too; it also feels like the UK skipped spring. I would have a cappuccino if I were out for coffee!

  6. Yess!!! And finally!! I always wanted to read a if we were having coffee post from you. This was amazing!!! You have to do a second one!
    When is your birthday? And you’re so right with focusing on the people who love you and support you, forget the other ones xxx
    I mean we talked about the avengers movie already but still, How crazy was it?! I’m really excited for all the upcoming marvel movies, literally can’t wait to see them xx have a great day lovely 💕

    1. Girl I am smiling so big reading your comment! You are the best!💗 thank you! Hehe I definitely will! Hopefully it won’t take as long as this did!
      June 13!:) a month away eeek!
      Thanks so much sweet! It is hard to remember that, but I really am lucky and I am so lucky to have your friendship as well.
      I know! But I can not stop talking about it. It was SO good! Right? I can not wait! So excited!!!
      Awe thanks beauty! I hope you have had an amazing weekend!💗😘

  7. Love these photos of you! You are so cute!!! I especially love the outtake one 😉 and I’m a Gemini too! Our month is coming!!! 😄

    1. Thank you so much hun! That is so sweet of you to say! Hehe thanks! Yay!!!! What day is your birthday? Mine is the thirteenth! Yes it is! Get ready to celebrate!🙌🏻😍💗

  8. Gorgeous photos as always! It’s a bad habit to focus on that one negative energy, instead of the surrounding positive people. I’m guilty of it! I love that you’re finding a new confidence heading towards 30. I’m really comfortable with my age right now, because I was so lost in my early twenties. xx

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