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If We Were having Coffee…


“Coffee has always been a significant part of my life. For me, it’s a chance to start my day and gather my thoughts – it’s fuel for my creative process.” ~ Connor Franta

About Darn Time For Some Coffee

I can not believe that it has taken me so many blogging years (true story, I have been around the blogging block) to do a “If We Were having Coffee…” post. I have legit failed at blogging as well as paying homage to my one true love Caffeina, Goddess of Coffee.

Disclaimer, she doesn’t exist, regardless of what Google says.

It is true I have stalked Jamie and Anni’s blogs for months, lamenting on their “If We Were having Coffee…” posts about the fact I haven’t done one of these. You would think that would have made me actually do one. Nope. The award for procrastination (and I thought I was Type A) goes to me. But alas dear readers, I have broken the drought and finally, FINALLY done one.

Drink of Choice

Of course we can not have coffee without, well, some coffee. Because it is never simple with the Gemini, (oh hollah, it is coming into our month!)  my coffee order depends on WHERE we are having coffee as well as the season.

Since it FINALLY feels like Spring, and I am obsessed with my new Starbuck’s location and the fab barista’s that work there, I am going with a grande vanilla sweet cream Cold-Brew, light ice, which legit gives me life during the Summer. I use to order it with an extra pump of vanilla, but my taste buds have changed, and it is much to sweet. My skater thighs are very much grateful.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would be doing a happy dance that the weather is so flipping nice! I mean part of me thinks that Mother Nature skipped Spring, but I am okay with that, I prefer Summer anyway…I owe you a coffee if you read that last part in an Elsa voice.

If We Were Having Coffee… we would be discussing Avengers Infinity Wars and how flipping epic it was. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t give spoilers, but I would wonder why the heck you hadn’t seen it yet. Have you seen it? I am also super excited for Captain Marvel, the FIRST female lead in the MCU MOVIE Universe. About darn time Marvel!

If We Were Having Coffee… I would probably pick your brain and tell you how rough the last week has been and how I have major anxiety about going home due to stupid drama that didn’t have too even be made into a huge deal, especially since I don’t flipping live there anymore. Are we in high school or are we flipping adulting?

If We Were Having Coffee… I would say despite the drama, I have realized just how supported I am, and that I have the best people in my life. It is easy to focus on the one person who doesn’t like us, but they aren’t worth our energy. I am so grateful for my family and friends and if anyone can make the trip worthwhile, it is my nephews, the oldest of which already has a list of activities planned for us to do.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would mention how I have been running a ton, (I ran an unofficial half marathon a couple weeks ago) and how I am contemplating racing again. It has been two years since I ran a race, but the athlete in me is itching to again.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would be ridiculously excited that my birthday month is just weeks away, and I am ready to embrace all that is Gemini. As I get closer to thirty, I have discovered a confidence I seriously lacked in my early twenties and I love it. I am no longer scared to push my comfort zone boundaries.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would own up to the fact that I am not holding Cold-brew in these pictures, but a cafe au lait which is much more photo worthy then a plastic cup. I would also be laughing at all the outtakes because I legit take hundreds of pictures, and only approve of a handful. For your laughing pleasure I would/will share this one…The cup was hot!

If We Were Having Coffee… I would ask how you were and what was gong on with you. I would be happy that I got to spend quality time with great friends. I would also probably cheers with you, because there is always something to celebrate. Since we aren’t together, I will raise my cyber coffee to you dear readers anyway! I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying some java!

What have you been up too? What is your coffee or drink of choice when getting together with friends? 

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