In True 2020 Fashion: Creating a New Writing Set-Up

“I think decor says a lot about someone’s social position, their taste, their sensibility, their work – and also about the aesthetic way I have chosen to tell their story.” ~ Pedro Almodovar

NOT Becoming a Home Decor Blogger

I feel like I need to specify this with, I am not a home decor blogger person type nor am I becoming one (in the foreseeable future) with this post. When I say Lifestyle, I mean I am a blonde Jetsetter, (though currently grounded cause pandemic) foodie, fashion, nautical, modern day renaissance women which was my tag long for the longest time. Me and decor? Decor and me? However it goes, we are not Facebook friends, nor are we Insta buds, we coexist, and I am okay with that.


Even when I had my own apartment I never got crazy with decor, or showcasing my apartment. I mean let’s face it, it was 200 square feet in a hundred year old converted building with old ass floors and terrible lighting. While I attempted to make it bright and cute (with what else but Christmas lights?) it never photographed well and I was always debating how long I was going to stay there. In fact I didn’t hang anything on the walls until I signed my second lease. To add to all the irony I did end up staying there for seven years, with my Ikea furniture and all. I know, I know, I know.


My Childhood Bedroom

Growing up in a huge family, but also living in an old house, (it called to me!) I shared rooms with my sisters. I didn’t even have my own bedroom until my oldest sister got married, and then the decorating was with the maturity and whims of a ten year old who still loved Lisa Frank and the ocean (big surprise) and had a sea life border wall papered in her bedroom. It wasn’t until I was eighteen my parents finally redid my bedroom and I actually was able to (in my opinion) design what was a tuscan oasis. 


Moving back last year, the dark and somewhat outdated colors still reigned and much like in New York, I had no ambition to stay longer then a few months and yet here we are over a year later, still living out of a suitcase, despite being a fashion minimalist, (my closet, really can’t be called a closet) in a bedroom that is even SMALLER then my apartment in New York, and without amenities like a television or my own bathroom, (not a pity party I swear!) life really is funny like that. 


This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but knowing I was traveling and wherever I lived wasn’t going to be permanent. Not to mention moving in general is hell, but moving in New York is a whole other level! I left all my sentimental Christmas decorations at my parents. Being the Christmas Elf I am, after the second year of living in the city and rushing to put them up when I came home days before Christmas, I ended up leaving them up year round. Which at the time, really didn’t matter since I wasn’t home that often. Thanks again COVID, and a home wrecking ex-sister-in-law. And just the universe in general. But I digress.



Not gonna lie, I had contemplated getting a desk, since my parents house doesn’t have an office area, and the open concept of the living room and kitchen can be somewhat distracting. That said I had no follow through until in what can only be called true 2020 fashion, I had two shelves (with books) come crashing down, in my bedroom. 2020 is a beeyatch. It literally looked like the Hulk had gone on a tear, and literally done “Hulk, Smash!” Thankfully, nothing of importance broke, and it did give me the chance to rearrange, get that desk, and give my walls some wall art in order to hide the humongous holes that ripped through the wallpaper. That last one is fun. 


The Hunt 

Have I mentioned I live in the middle of nowhere? And that we are in the midst of a pandemic? And it is 2020? And apparently there are no desks to be had? Nope? Well I am about to.

I had certain specifications (I.e. picky AF) as well as width limits, but since the only stores to grace my small town are Walmart, TJ’s, Christmas Tree Shop, and Home Goods, pickings were shockingly small. As in non existent. Apparently along with the toilet paper shortage, there is also a desk shortage. Who knew?


 My Mom had said we could order something, but going into one of my busiest seasons, the fact that I really didn’t feel like it or have time to put something together, and yes, damnit, I wanted instant gratification, made me stubborn. After going all over the town (which really isn’t that big anyway) we ended up back at Home Goods where I picked up what was probably, really, kinda, supposed to be a console table. Hey desperate times called for creative measures! I also picked up a small cabinet to hold everything that had come crashing down. (literally) I linked similar ones here.


Joanna Gaines I am Not…But it Works

I placed my desk next to my night stand (which actually now makes for a great foot rest when I am on a Zoom call, one hundred percent serious) I already had a King Louis styled chair that had been shoved in the corner of my bedroom (and was used to lay my clothes out each day) and it fit beautifully under the console table. That left empty space in the corner and I decided to move my Christmas tree there. (and pray it was tall enough to hide some of the holes, alas it isn’t.) The small cabinet I put next to that creating a cozy little working space. I even pulled some of my old prints in New York out to decorate the desk and cabinet and display some of my sea glass. 


For someone who is NOT Joanna Gaines, I don’t hate it and am kind of proud of my attempt at home design and furniture innovation…totally made that last part up, but homegirl had to work with what she had! And as cliche as it sounds, what was kind of a disaster turned into a blessing. I do eventually want to find a slightly bigger desk with a drawer, for more organization and less clutter. But for now I am pretty happy with my newly designed work oasis where I have definitely gotten way more done then I have in past months. It was definitely a make lemon out of lemonade and I for one love it. 


DO you have an office? Cloffice? Or a kitchen table slash where ever you can find space? Have you redecorated and reorganized during the pandemic?


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4 thoughts on “In True 2020 Fashion: Creating a New Writing Set-Up

  1. I have an office… and a desk, but I never sit at it – I sit beside it. I ditched my office chair for a rocking recliner, so I prop my laptop on my knees. It’s like working on a couch only better, because whenever I’m looking for a word I rock to jog my memory.

  2. Lol the way you described your relationship with home decor cracks me up!!! 😂 I think your little workstation is so cute and cozy perfect amount of space for your laptop annnddd coffee!!! We duel our guest bedroom as a partial office, which is where I used to work last year when I was completely remote. Funny thing is, when I was using that room, Id usually come out into my kitchen and work out there instead anyways lol it just felt nicer being out in the open. Plus my kitchen decor is much better than the guest bedroom/office decor haha

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