Jetsetting Blonde is off too….

“Every time I’m in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace.” ~ Duane Allman


I couldn’t finish off 2017 without one last big trip. And while I have a couple smaller ones that are sure to be fun, they aren’t as exciting as going to a new state and exploring it with your BFF.

I have been wanting to visit for ever and a year. Long before my friend, Rhiannon (yup that Rhiannon from a couple posts ago. I told YOU I would be seeing her soon!) moved down there.


Guys I swear I am a Southern Girl at heart and the South has been calling me hard core. While I have my heart set on living in Charleston, (one day soon!) I had to check out Rhiannon’s adopted state of Georgia.

Flying on a Jet Plane

In true Type A fashion I booked my flight ridiculously early, meaning I had to get up long before any crow was going to start crowing. I was flying Delta, which despite JetBlue owning my heart, I don’t hate it. Delta does have some perks and I have been flying them more and more lately.

They also have….



So funny story, I knew there was a Peets in Terminal Four and I googled it. They said it was located all the way at Gate A2. As fate would have it, my gate was located all the way at the other end of the terminal at B49. I literally walked a mile to get it.

As Mack knows, ANYTHING for Peets!


So blonde slash epic Google fail. There just happened to be another one much closer to where my plane was taking off, because when I was about ten gates away, I saw another Peets!

It is all good. I walked a couple miles before being cooped up in a plane AND I got my Havana cappuccino. All was right in my world at five in the morning!


Actually another confession I almost bought TWO. That is how dedicated I am to Peets!

JFK to Atlanta to Augusta

My two and a half hour flight to Atlanta literally flew by. I had a ridiculously sweet woman who told me her whole life story and before I knew it we were landing in Atlanta.


I had an almost three hour layover there. Unfortunately they did not have Peets, but I grabbed a second much needed coffee and a salad at the Coffee Bean, and got some writing done before it was time to board the plane to Augusta.


From the moment I landed in Augusta, I was in love.

Maybe even in Atlanta where everyone was incredibly nice, helpful, and I had never been ma’amed so many times in my life.

The Augusta airport is incredibly tiny, even tinier then Portland and reminds me of an old hotel. There are only four gates, but it makes it even quainter. Rhiannon was there to meet me at security and we might have had a scream fest. I couldn’t help it, I was so flipping excited!

Once I got my suitcase from baggage claim, We began the trek to the Georgia Coast and our first stop: Tybee Island. In Katannon fashion (yes we have a celebrity name) we ended up making a couple detours.


Immediately I was taken with the Georgia landscape. It was much flatter then what I am use too, but still stunningly beautiful with endless fields, many of them cotton, which is something else we don’t have in New England.


Unfortunately the farmers take their fields VERY seriously.  There were tons of signs that said keep off, and no trespassing.


That may or may not have stopped Rhiannon and I from being dare devils. With the sun setting and the lighting being a photographers dream, we pulled over and hurriedly took some pictures, before hopping back into the car to make our way to our second detour.



Oh Savannah can’t I stay forever?

I know that isn’t how the song goes, but I seriously fell in love. It was my first real exploration of Georgia and we were only there for a few hours.


We stopped to grab grub at The Treylor Park, a diner esque restaurant that was casual with just a touch of retro. It also had a full bar, which was packed.

Both famished, we started with waffle fries that were loaded with everything and the kitchen sink. It had a delicious creamy sauce, bacon, cheese, and pickles. It seemed like an odd combination, but all the flavors worked well together.


Rhiannon had the special fish tacos and I got pineapple and shredded pork tacos that were to die for. Seriously, I was in taco heaven! They were sweet and a little bit spicy and the best thing since sliced bread!


After we were fat and oh so happy we walked a few blocks down to the Savannah waterfront. If I hadn’t loved it before, I definitely did now.

It was adorable with cobblestone streets and steam boats going up and down the Savannah River. The shops were made out of brick, and restaurants lined the streets with patrons going in and out. Rhiannon and I popped into a couple shops before we went into the mother load of all shops.


River Street Sweets 


As a former pastry chef and current foodie, I will never pass up a chance for something sweet. River Street Sweets is famous for their pralines, a sugar coated pecan southern delight, that literally melts in your mouth.


Oh my lanta did these!


We watched them make taffy, as well as their famous pralines and walked about the store drooling at literally EVERYTHING. I was absolutely giddy when I saw they were all decorated for the holiday season.


Despite the vastness and wide variety of products, it had an old time feel, that just seemed to fit in with the rest of Savannhas rich historical vibes.


Of course we couldn’t leave without buying some sweet treats and I bought several pralines and bear claws, also known as turtles also known as caramel chocolatey goodness!


All to soon it was time to bid adieu to Savannah and head to Tybee Island


Have you ever been to Georgia? Have you been to Savannah? What were your favorite spots? 

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18 thoughts on “Jetsetting Blonde is off too….

  1. Swoon, swoon and more swoon! You know I love my great state of Georgia and the South in general (I’m positive I was meant to live here for all of eternity) and can’t imagine being anywhere else! Augusta & Savannah are just so idyllic! Also, Charleston is so swoon-worthy it’s not even funny! <3 <3

    1. I was thinking of you when I was writing this! I actually thought of you a lot when I was there! Especially when I was at the airport! It is amazing! And girl I am pretty sure I am meant to live there as well!
      They really are! I was obsessed and did not want to leave! Ahhh i can not wait to go to Charleston it is seriously calling my name! <3

  2. Omg Im scared. Im becoming so much like you because, originally, I wanted to live in Florida when I was to get older. Georgia sounds awesome and even though you live in the city, I guess we can call you a country-city girl 😛 (yes I guess that is a thing)

    1. Haha welll I am a pretty amazing person to be like…Not to toot y own horn or anything Bwahahahaha! Haha Hey I will totally take the country city girl! I am a Gemini and I am all about balance! I hope you are having an amazing day hun! <3

  3. Oh I love seeing more of the USA through your blog posts 😍😍 so amazing ! Those waffle fries, oh my goodness😍 They look delicious! And cotton fields! What are they? Until now, I’d never seen them before is that actual cotton? So glad you decided to be a rebel and snag some photos because they are beautiful pictures. River street sweets sounds like my type of shop, I think I’d be buying one of everything if I went there! X

    1. Awe I am so glad sweets! Your comment just made me smile! They were amazing! I now want some lol. They are actual fields of cotton. I had always heard of them and even seen some pictures but seeing them in person was insane! Haha awe thank you sweets! Anything for that picture! I mean what is some jail time if I got the picture right? ;p Lol. You would love it! It was so yummy! I am still daydreaming about those pralines! <3

      1. Yay! That’s so cool, in your photos the fields look amazing! I would love to see them in person too. I don’t even know if we have cotton fields in the UK! Exactly – totally worth it for the likes and followers haha.

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