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A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. ~ Denis Waitley

In todays selfie age, you would think pictures would be filled with smiles. Instead it is sultry seductions and duck faces, which let us be honest, are more sexy in our heads then in real life.

I am guilty on occasion of what I call the “Model pose.” Part Zoolander, part just jutting the lip out in a highly unflattering way. And yes, it is as geeky and nerdy as it sounds. Giselle, I am certainly not.

Most if not all of my favorite pics are when I am caught off guard, laughing like a hyena. In other words, those really unflattering candids, which actually turn out to be hidden gems. No matter how unflattering I think I might be, Big teeth and double chins in all it is glory. I also know, it is when I am at my most happiest. I am not worried about the camera. I am laughing at something my friend has said, or maybe seconds before I was acting like the blonde clown I am.


I was having fun, and that shows.

On social platforms across the board, it is the people who have those joyously happy pictures that catch my eye. Not the ones where they are so staged, they might as well turn into Barbie dolls. And you sure as hell don’t want what I call “The Russian Look.” Which I am guilty of when I am attempting a jump while skating, and pretty much anything that involves me being a Type A perfectionist. It would even make the joker ask, “Why so serious.”

Do not be serious. It causes Resting Bitch Face Syndrome.

In fact my favorite feature on a guy, is one who knows how to smile. How to give that big goofy, genuine grin that makes you get the giggles yourself and feel all warm and fuzzy from the feet up, to well, your smile. Nothing is more attractive then a happy guy. Especially if you are the one who put that mouth cracking smile there.

And guess what? It is contagious!

Being genuine is everything peeps. A smile shows that. With all the sadness in the world, their is nothing like turning that frown upside down. Even just smiling at the guy walking down the block or the cashier at Wholefoods can brighten a person’s day.

Smiles are worth a thousand words, make them jubilant words.


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5 thoughts on “Just Smile

  1. Very well written my Friend <3
    so true , I aswell believe in smiling & making others smile " the best thing one can ever do " & everyone should do…………
    imagine how much more pretty the world would become
    { i also wrote about smiling in my previously written post but yours one gave such positivity} & not to forget to mention , you look too good laughing 🙂


  2. You are a great writer and I can tell I will be enjoying your site! This article spoke to me, I had a recent break-through in photo shoots and realized it’s ok to just be there, as myself (imagine that!) So I don’t pose as much anymore in photo shoots, but try to treat them like a mini-vacation, exploring the scenery with the photographer, chatting, etc. Keep the focus on enjoyment vs. what you look like! It has made a world of difference!

    1. Thank you so much Tarabells! Your words mean a lot to me and I am so happy you are enjoying my site. I agree wholeheartedly! When you are happy it definitely shines through! <3

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