Kicking Off The Holiday Season In The White Mountains

“When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” ~ Tecumseh


My trip home for Thanksgiving flew by. It felt like I was just barely escaping what turned out to be the snowpocalypse in New York to arrive in New Hampshire for their own snow storm, which quickly turned into the coldest Thanksgiving on record. Mother Nature sure is sending fall and 2018 out with a bang!


I can honestly say for the first time in a year and a half, I was actually excited to come home, and despite having the creeping crud (and a really bad man voice…Sorry for those videos on Insta everyone!) it turned out to be one of my favorite visits. Good people, Lots of Laughs (FYI I really wanted to write LOL, because that is what my sister thought it meant for the longest time) and so much Christmas.


Legit ALL the Christmas! I am not sure my Mom will have me home before Thanksgiving ever again! She is all ready for the holidays!



After my eventful travel day the Thursday before Thanksgiving, I woke up on Friday to a snowy winter land. My nephews, whom I had mentioned in my previous post we were watching, didn’t have school which made me ridiculously happy.


I went for a quick run on my parents treadmill, before I got myself ready for the day. I was spending the morning with my nephews so my Mom could go with my Dad to get an infusion. (due to several auto-immune diseases his immune system is compromised so every winter he needs infusions to give it a bit of a boost) I made them breakfast (which was kid approved) and we played Yeti in the Spaghetti.


It was still snowing when my Mom got back, but I had a hair appointment, and made a quick detour to FINALLY get my maple latte fix and also pick up a latte for my hair stylist (I like to keep her happily caffeinated). I always feel like myself after getting my roots retouched, all blonde ad giddy, or maybe just the peroxide got to me? Whatever it is I lOVE getting my hair done. I also got it cut and while initially it was just going to be a trim and shaping, she took a couple inches off to weed out the dead ends. I didn’t notice much of a difference in length, that is how long my hair is now! Oh happy days.


Afterwards I went back and hung out with my nephews, playing more board games and then watching my youngest nephew while the other one had hockey. (such a proud skating auntie!!!) When Carter got back we drank hot chocolate (’tis the season) and watched the Grinch.



I woke up a bit late, and went for a nice long run. Before it was time for the highlight of the week; A Starbuck’s date with my nephews! They have turned into such Starbucks junkies and I couldn’t be prouder of them! As we walked into the store, my youngest even said we re going in because it is not a date if we go through the drive through…Oh my heart! The wild chillens they are, got Frappuccinos (chocolatey chocolate chip)  instead of hot chocolate. I was freezing just looking at them!


We hung out there for a while (where my five year old took such amazing pictures!) before heading back home, where I corrupted them with MORE Christmas movies. Yes before Thanksgiving!



Sunday was a ridiculously busy but amazing day. I drove to Portland to meet my mer-twin. It was so good to see her and be reunited. It felt like ages since I had seen her. Which it kinda had been because I hadn’t seen her since August. A reunion was long overdue.


We met at the Front Room located near Eastern Promenade. The food is always yummy and the drinks even more so. I got boozy coffee and the rancheros and my bestie got the gnocchi and a mimosa which is her usual.


Afterwards we didn’t want to say good-bye, and we both had some free time before both of us had to drive back. (me to North Conway, and her Mouth Desert Island) It was to cold to walk along the beach (Who am I?!?!) so we decided to go to Arabica near the waterfront.


Arabica has actually become our coffee spot since the early days of our friendship. It is hipster, yet still New England paint, everything that Portland embodies. It is massive inside with tons of tables and even a couple couches in front of a fire place. We were lucky to snag those and we hung out for several hours sipping delicious coffee, catching up, and even shooting off ideas. She is such a creative soul, that I can literally talk to and ask her anything. I already have Tiffany withdrawals!


When I got back to NoCo, it was time to say good-bye to my nephews, who were headed back to my brother and SiL. While my parents took them back to their house, I did something even more exciting.


I put up my parents Christmas tree! I admit I am extremely Christmas happy and so excited for the holidays!



I woke up early to go for a run, and then headed to Frontside to get much needed work done. I met a couple friends, and it soon turned more into a gab sess, then productive work and I ended up going back home.


Carter had hockey that night, and I went to watch. Oh be still my heart! As a former Figure Skater I was so proud to watch him even if he WAS on hockey skates.


Sharing my love of the ice with him makes me so happy and to do it at my old rink makes it all the more special. He is such an amazing skater and doesn’t let fear get in the way. I am so proud of him!


After hockey I went back to my parents house where I FINALLY decorated the tree. My Mom is insistent about letting it rest. I put on Hallmark, and it was such a cozy evening.



Tuesday was another snowy day. It was like Mother Nature was going for a record or something! It was kind of low-key. I stayed home and did some writing, before my Mom and I went and got our nails done. I was feeling festive and Christmas-y and got green toes and a design on my fingers. Though the design was double edged, I had shut my finger in my window (yes it actually did hurt) and had a bruise underneath the nail as someone who ALWAYS gets French my manicurist was brilliant and artfully hid it underneath a snowflake. These just might be my favorite nails. I am obsessed with them!


That evening I went over to John and Maura’s to help Maura decorate for Thanksgiving which they were hosting, got a tour of the house and even helped my brother do some shoveling, which turned into a work-out.



I woke up early to go for a run before my Mom and I drove down to Laconia for my appointment with the ENT. I had to get my pesky ears fixed and see if anything could be done about my countless ear and sinus infections. About an hour away, it took up pretty much the whole day.


On the way back, we hit snow squalls which then turned into an actual snowstorm.


Have I mentioned that I am over this whole winter thing?


Thursday was Thanksgiving which I wrote about here. 


Friday and Saturday

In preparation for all the Black Friday craziness, I woke up early to get a spot at Frontside, which was already insanely busy at 7:30 in the morning. While I did get a ton of work done, it began to get so crazy, I had to leave.


I went back home and hung out with my parents for the rest of the day, helping them decorate and watching Hallmark movies. It was the perfect way to spend Black Friday alway from all the craziness. I also got some shopping done (online) and helped my Mom with hers.


Saturday was much the same, I went to Frontside and then came home, went for a run and hung out with my parents. I also got to start on some wrapping!



I again woke up early so I could run and then get to Frontside early before the mass exodus of travelers got there. It was a disgusting day full of rain and ice, and it actually wasn’t horrible. I got my usual spot, saw some more friends, and then went home. (Anyone bored with this recap yet?)


The rest of the day was filled with packing, sorting AND wrapping! I love wrapping presents, and I not only wrap all of mine, but also wrap my Dad’s and most of my Mom’s. It is so calming and relaxing.



I had an early flight, so my Mom, who was taking me to the airport, and I got up early, made one last stop to Frontside, and drove in the rain to Portland. It seemed this trip was going to be bookended with storms, but like my flight from New York, I escaped it just in time.


It was so bittersweet to say good-bye to my family. It was such an amazing visit, one that was free of any and all drama, and only the absolute best of people. It felt like home again and I am so grateful for everyone who made it so amazing.


Always a glutton for punishment, I am only in New York for two days, before I am off Jetsetting (at three in the morning) to Charleston tomorrow! I am so excited to escape the cold and the snow!


How was your week? Are you excited for the holidays? 

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11 thoughts on “Kicking Off The Holiday Season In The White Mountains

  1. So much holiday spirit, your tree is so pretty! And your nephews sound so cute, that’s adorable that they wanted to go to starbucks with you. Also your nails are so gorgeous! I can’t even tell that you bruised your nail.
    Happy Holidays xx

  2. Love the quote at the beginning of this post! The picture of you in your pjs by the tree is so festive and beautiful! You like wrapping gifts?! Come and wrap ours, please! I’m so horrible at it, lol!

    I hope you have an amazing time in Charleston!

  3. You sure know how to pack in the holiday spirit, Kate! And hats off to you too for still finding time to run in the middle of all the festivities (not to mention looking so darned cute through it all). Your hockey commentary sure cracked me up, though. “As a former Figure Skater I was so proud to watch him even if he WAS on hockey skates.” Ha ha! xoxo

  4. It’s so sweet how you spent so much time with your nephews and mention them so much. You guys are so cute! I’m glad you got to be with them for a bit and are escaping the snow for a bit!

  5. This post has me ready for Christmas! I love the way you have decorated your tree. And everytime I see you with coffee, I’m like right – time for my coffee fix. What a lovely Thanksgiving and time spent with your nephews and family. The best feeling to get your hair done as well right! xxx

  6. I love the quote you chose for this post. ♡ and that photo of you in the snow is adorable! Your ma’s tree is beautiful & your PJ’s are too cute! How sweet of you to bring a coffee in for your hairstylist! & I love how your nephews are obsessed with Starbucks, you taught ’em so well. 😉

    The snowflake on your nail is such a nice coverup!! Hope the bruise healed up by now & that there was a way to help with your ears & sinus issues!

    So happy to hear you had the best time visiting home! ♡♡♡

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