What DO I Wear!?!? Kitschy Kimono Love Edition

My style is very definitely BoHo. It has been from the time I was a teenager. I still remember my knitted ponchos from Limited Two (remember Limited Two?) So when Kimonos made a comeback last year, I died and went to Kimono heaven.

Now I am not talking about the Silk Kimonos ah la Disney’s Mulan. Those are traditional Japanese dress many times used for formal occasions. I am talking about the modern usually open faced version, of which the fashion world has bastardized (and quite happily) into the trend we see today. They are usually loose draped material, some might mistake as shawls except for the two holes that srms go in…at least I think they do. Just kidding they do.

As someone who gets cold easily, I always carry a scarf, jacket, or wrap with me. Something to keep me toasty warm. Because of the lightweight, but warm material, kimonos are my best friend to travel with. I’ll even use it as a blanket when I fly or take the train because they are long enough.

From Anthropologie to Urban Outfitters to shops on Etsy, everyone is getting on the Kimono bandwagon and I love it. Even a year later, with the way trends come and go, especially in New York, Kimonos are still going strong (yay!) In fact I think we still have a ways to go before this trend gets washed out to sea.

They aren’t just a mystical foriegn concept or the typical beach attire anymore. You can wear them with anything (as long as it matches of course!). Jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, yoga wear. You name it! You can wear it!

Hold on a second, Yoga wear did I write?

Yup. You aren’t seeing things. I will even wear mine when I teach or go to and from class. It is flowy that I can wear it over my yoga clothes in the studio and still en vogue to transfer outside onto the fashionable streets of the Upper East Side.

The beautiful patterns, silky gauzy materials, and the beads and fringe that adorn these wraps makes a girl want every one she sees. What is more, they are works of art.

If there is one trend you should buy into, it is a kimono. As an Anthro addict, I am obsessed with the ones they make. What is more you can get them year round, they made some unique wool ones for the winter. And their spring ones are gorgeous, they have a blue one that is beaded for their Spring 2016 Collection. (if you have bought it please post a picture so I can oo and ahh!) Urban Outfitters and Madewell also have some trendy patterned ones. And if you want a custom just for you Kimono, go to Etsy. There are several handmade stores that have fabrics that are perfect for warmer weather.

Let me know where do you find your kimonos? What do you love pairing it with?

Happy Styling!


Kimono: Anthropologie, Spring 2015 Collection. Dress: Anthropologie, Fall 2014. Hat: Anthropologie, Spring 2015. Notice a theme? I need to go into Anthros anonymous!

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