Last Minute Gift Ideas

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.” ~Janice Maeditere
It is Almost Here!

Friends, five more sleeps until Christmas! Though technically four, because I count Christmas Eve as part of the festivities. In my family, with our traditions, we start celebrating on the twenty-fourth. It is insane how quickly it came upon us! On one hand it feels like I have been preparing for months, but on the other hand, December has flown by! The season really is to darn fast! I am reminded of my friend who said it should be two months and I agree! It gives us more time to enjoy the season!

With Christmas less then a week away, it also means there are only FOUR days left to shop! Luckily I completed my shopping long before Black Friday, and even had everything shipped by December first. It was a good thing, as quite a few packages that I have been sent due to my job, have been delayed or sent back the last couple weeks.I know if I hadn’t had things prepared I would be stressing. As it is, the local Post Office has LOVED me. But also, I feel incredibly sorry for them, because they are horrendously short staffed and have been inundated with packages this year. It has not been easy for them.

Last Minute Shoppers

While I had everything pretty well done by Thanksgiving, I know a lot of people who didn’t, and still don’t including family members. In fact it use to be, my Dad would pick my oldest sister up at the airport when she would fly home from college on Christmas Eve and they would go shopping THAT day. When that “chore” was passed down to me, being the type A, OCD person I am, I was like nope we are having our shopping done BY Thanksgiving, and I have stuck to that. Not that he had much of a choice if my Dad wanted my help, but I will say he has taken a much more pro-active approach to Christmas shopping this last decade. But I know a lot of people (okay men, sorry, but it is true!) who don’t and now are probably scrambling for last minute gifts.

Unfortunately shipping deadlines, and shipping woes in general, means that the cut off for sending packages has passed, unless you want a prolonged Christmas which I am ALL for! Alas don’t worry to much last minute shoppers, you won’t be left high and dry without anything to give because here are three ideas for last minute gifts.

Shop Local

I am not just talking about shopping small, which is important, but shopping local, which is typically STILL small. I know, I know the internet makes it so easy to click order, as well as to be kinda anti-social. I mean who WANTS to go into a brick and mortar store? Do malls even STILL exist? Well, yes friends, they do, as do brick and mortar stores. My downtown has a ton of quaint shops and boutiques that are locally owned and great places to pick up last minute gifts, and I bet where you live does too! I admit, I drive passed them a thousand times, but don’t ever go in because well that thing called the internet. But with time being short, they really are the perfect places to buy unique gifts that aren’t mass produced and better yet you are supporting small.

Make Something

I have gotten more crafty in my older years, though I will forever draw stick people (I have come to terms with that) and have even attempted making gifts for friends. If you are crafty, have a hidden talent or heck love Pinterest think about making something. Actually don’t think about it, just do it because time is kinda running out! No pressure or anything! Not only will it be unique, there will also be a lot of thought behind it, because you are also putting time into it.

Gift Cards

I feel like Gift Cards are extremely controversial and honestly I have NO idea why. I love a good gift card, and if it is for coffee, you will probably have become my favorite person! And with today’s technology, you don’t have to worry about mailing the gift cards because we have the wondrous thing of e-mail, where with an instant send they will receive it that day! You can also put that supporting small business to use by buying gift cards from them as well. Personally it is a great way to get someone a gift, but also giving them some say in their present. It also goes beyond Christmas Day. As I always say gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving!

Have you finished your shopping yet? What is your go to present? Do you like gift cards? 

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2 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. I don’t have a problem with gift cards either, that way people can choose something they want and will get plenty of use from. Gift cards are always a good last minute back up option!

  2. I like receiving gift cards but don’t really like giving them especially if it is the only present I have for a person.

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