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Last Recap Before My Big Trip!


“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” ~ Danny Kaye

I thought I would do a quick update, before my wanderlusting begins!

Unfortunately I have still been recovering from the mother of all creeping crud stomach bugs. Nourishment has been minimal and while I am keeping a sense of humor about it (Great pre-Cali diet) it has been frustrating and stressing me out.

Sickness aside, there have been many bright sides, the biggest is the weather! It has been gorgeous! I am obsessed! While I might feel cruddy, this weather has been great for my mood. I just wish it would stay like this year round.

While food has been problematic, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the perk of being customer of the week at my local Starbucks. Seriously! They are the absolute sweetest there. They always make me laugh and are some of the cheeriest, happiest people I know. I love getting my lattes from them!

I have mentioned my love of snail mail here, well my bestie knows me so well and sent me a card she made herself. She also knows the way to my heart as only a bestie can and got me a Starbucks gift card (between free drinks, gift cards from my mom, my bestie and bae, I am set for life!) It seriously made my day amongst all the creeping crud.

I also have been in desperate need of sneakers and finally ordered myself some amazing Asics (couldn’t help myself with the alliteration) from…..drum roll please…… Amazon!



Yup you read that right! They were super cheap too. I couldn;t wait for San Fran to try these puppies on I had to test them out and man are they snazzy!

I also will be leaving a review BUT…I got my hair done at the Aveda Institute. Bloggers I am   blonde again! Seriously, my roots could be seen from outer space. I could not have that on vacay! Thus I got my butt down to SoHo (Soooo Carrie Bradshaw) and the stylists at the institute fixed me up, doing a spectacular job. Yay!

The last two days I was able to take some nourishment, which is a good thing since my friend and I stumbled on to a hidden gem that is right by my apartment! Called Bonjour Crepes and Wine (And definitely getting a review in the near future!) it is so yummy, but extremely dangerous! I wasn’t able to sample the wine (boo) but the crepes and coffee were ridiculously yummy. I am still dreaming about them. They are also about the only thing I can stomach, which isn’t a hardship.

Also a huge THANK YOU to Nida from Shopaholic Blogs for my second nomination of the Blogger Recognition Award. Since I was already nominated for this, I won’t bore you all again. I will link to it here if you have a desire to read about my writing/blogging journey.

It seems like just yesterday, I was booking my tickets to Cali and now here it is! I am beyond excited. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

What are your plans this weekend?

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