Lessons in a Piece of Glass

I am probably certifiably crazy, but while the majority of people decided to inebriate on spirits, I chose to spend my New Years at the ocean.

I know the ocean in December!?

Commit this girl!

Alas this is the same girl who went into the ocean in March. While I hate the cold, I will suck it up if it means I get to be at the ocean. Should of been a mermaid remember?

So my friend and I went to the ocean and did a little seaglass hunting. Which should be considered a sport. While it got chilly near the end (in part due to diving for that beauty in the image above) it was a workout, climbing underneath rocks, digging for that perfect piece of seaglass.

It was a challenge, exhaustion, fulfillment and glee all rolled into one. There is nothing like finding a piece of seaglass. Especially if it is a rare gem. It is an adventure all its own.

It is also a metaphor for life. People have asked why don’t you buy it or make your own. I could. But there is nothing like working hard for something, and after disappointment, being successful.

As a former figure skater, I am use to the disappointment and then excitement. The heartbreak of falling repeatedly and all the bumps and bruises. but then when it clicks the giddiness of succeeding.

Skating, Seaglass hunting, life in general is like that. You have to work hard in order to know fulfillment.

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