“What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

The End It Movement is a coalition made of organizations across the world who fight against slavery to make sure everyone has the one right we all deserve FREEDOM. Whether it is the diamond mines in Africa, Human Trafficking occurring across the globe, or women forced to be slaves, END IT works on every level to ensure no one is enslaved.

It is hard to believe that in 2017, slavery still exists, but an estimated 20 to 45 million have never experienced the rights that many of us take for granted. Worse, it does and IS occurring in countries like the US, England, and France. It IS a global problem and it is a SILENT one.

February 23 is the day that shines a light across the globe on slavery. People whether it is every day citizens like you and I or celebrities and politicians put red x on their hands to raise awareness.


It might not seem like much. BUT it IS a start. For more information and other ways to contribute to combat this problem go to: https://enditmovement.com

How are you shining a light on Slavery today?

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4 thoughts on “LET’S END IT!

  1. You’re so right and I love that you’re bringing this to light. I’m stunned that even today slavery continues on, as you said “silently” it’s heartbreaking. I was reading an article the other day actually about sex slavery and the poor girls that get dragged or kidnapped into this lifestyle (some at such an incredibly young age and others just being born into it) its so eerie to think that this is all happening right before us and so many people are just unaware or merely ignore the fact that it’s happening. I wish with everything in me that there was a way to abolish any form of slavery but you’re right raising awareness is first and foremost the first step!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thanks beauty! So am I. More has to be done about it. I feel many people think it is something in the past, but there are all different types still happening today. I think the biggest shock for me when I first started researching was how much it happens in this country, especially around major sporting events like the Super Bowl.
      I am with you sweets! I wish that also. <3

  2. YESS! This is SO important. In college we had an End it movement dance where we all wore giant X’s on our shirts. I recognized it on your hand right away. I didn’t know just how big of an issue this was until it was brought to light, and it’s incredibly important for this information to be shared. Thank you for your beautiful heart and bringing awareness to this massive issue! This is how things change!

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