Life Changes What are Yours?

Every adventure has that one defining moment. Where you pause and take it all in, do you really want to do this? Is this what I am meant to do? You could call it an epiphany of sorts. That one life-changing event that changes the whole course and sets you on a path you ever thought you would be on.

You could say that I am there. Whether it is for the good or the bad or to just cause a whole lot of trouble I am about to embark on something that I know will change me even more then I have been changed in the last few years combined.

To say I am not scared is an understatement. I am scared shitless. I am so scared that I end up procrastinating and I don’t procrastinate. Ever. If I have to do something I do it, except when I am scared. Call it an innate ability, a defense mechanism call it what you will I procrastinate and lord knows I have been doing that. I dunno maybe someone’s lit a fire under me (or above me if you want to get technical with all the angels I have watching over me) All I know in the matter of two months, I have gone from sitting on my ass, working in a small town deli, living in a small town, to getting ready to make the biggest move of my life (so far, I shouldn’t be so dramatic) I have no allusions. Or maybe I should. Of course we all want to be blond, tall, and have a killer body, or at least the equivalent in our minds eye of what perfection and beauty is. Of course just telling ourselves has never helped, so why start now?
That said, encouragement, and saying you can do it, are two huge boosts in making this leap. And I am so incredibly blessed that I have those once in a lifetime true friends who have been supportive and telling me you go girl. They are the ones that making doing this possible. Easier in many ways. Harder in others.
And of course let’s not ignore the fact why I am doing this, not only am I challenging myself to new heights, following my dreams of living in the Concrete Jungle, expanding my yoga horizons, and ganging new experiences, but I am also doing this for those who can’t. I know that my guardian angel is looking down and smiling and hopefully I am making her proud as she says “you go girl attack that world!”

Namaste peeps <3

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  1. Hey! I just discovered your blog after seeing a comment you left on Meiji’s blog. So I’ve scrolled all the way down your archives and I’m gonna start at the beginning. Namaste 🙂

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