Live in The Nautical’s 2021 Nautical Holiday Gift Guide

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Nautical Gifts

As a self professed mermaid I feel it is only fitting to share my favorite Nautical-esque gifts for those who love the beach as well as those who have mermaids in their lives. I shared a similar guide last year, and you will recognize a lot of the names on this guide because I have featured them on this blog quite a bit, but it is because they ARE so amazing!

I also wanted to add that I have bought from all the companies mentioned, gifted their designs to my family and friends and many of them I have actually built up relationships with through the years. These are companies that I trust and love and I know not only you will love them, but also anyone you are gifting to this season will as well. These are small businesses that truly care about their customers.

Sewcialite NH

To start off with, Sewcialite NH is a small business I have mentioned multiple times on here and most recently she featured in my last Friday Favs post. But Sewcialite NH aka Roula is so fantastic, both as a human and as a designer. During the pandemic she pivoted from creating nautical rope baskets, home decor, like coasters, AND gorgeous bags to earrings, hand painted shells, and photographing those shells to create her own shelly line of note cards, wrapping paper, hand towels, and my favorite, blankets. They ALL make amazing gift and she even came out with a nautical Christmas line, which y’all know I am all about! It is the combining of my two loves! Roula is so easy to work with and I honestly can not say enough good things about her, her designs, and creativity!

Sea Bags

Sea Bags are the ultimate beach bag tote! Founded in Maine, they are the original sail bag. Made from recycled sails, they are an eco-friendly company, that believes in reusable and sustainable fashion. They are water resistant, machine washable, and a conversation starter. Sea Bags has countless designs to choose from or you can work with them to customize your own bag. Because their bags are so durable, they make the best beach bags, but they also have smaller bags, as well as clutches and crossbody bags. 

Sea La Vie

A little French twist on the nautical, (so obvs I love it!) this Maine based small business, creates stunning, simple, yet elegant sea glass jewelry, from rings, to necklaces to bracelets. She also has a vintage flare with chic nautical lockets and compass necklaces that I have a nautical twist. Tiffany also creates nautical wooden wall pieces made from drift wood that are stunning, as well as ornaments that are perfectly festive for the season. They make the perfect gift for someone looking for elegant jewelry. Disclaimer she is also my best friend, so I might be a little biased, but her designs really do speak for themselves!

Alaina Marie

Another nautical bag maker, Alaina Marie designs her bags out of the materials lobstermen (and women) use to hold their bait, she has been a staple on my gift guides for years. Her clutches and totes are adorable and super durable. Versatility is her game and you can customize your own bait bag. Her clutches are perfect not just for a night out, but also for organizing in your purse, or holding your make-up. They are wshashable, so don’t worry about getting them dirty! She recently created a laptop tote which is my favorite! Who needs a Louis Vuitton Never Full Bag when you can have a chic durable nautical Alaina Marie tote? It is a statement piece and one that everyone needs!

Juniper Avery

Juniper Avery is my tried and true when it comes to wedding, baby, and house warming gifts. She makes the absolute most stunning shadow box designs using drift wood, sea glass, and pebbles. They are expertly and thoughtfully crafted, and she can also make customizations. They are such a unique gift, that is perfect for the holidays or any special occasion. She has a shop on Etsy and is super quick with shipping.

Little Fish Boteak

My first Southern company to make an appearance (but not the last!) not only does Little Fish Boateak have the cutest name, they also have the cutest jewelry. Made out of a combination of textiles and metals, they are a family created, owned, and operated, business that is based in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Their nautical designs have a preppy elegant flare, and are as colorful as they are chic.

La Marée art

I discovered La Mareé Art last year, and gifted many of Meghan’s creations to friends. She is a wood worker who then uses resin to create beautiful coastal pieces from serving boards, to jewelry dishes, to even making a cribbage board! They are true works of art, that have a purpose in the day to day, while still making a statement and even being conversation starters, which I love. She is based in Portland, Maine, and is incredibly easy to work with. I also love following her on Instagram where she shares, her creative process, as well as ll the behind the scenes of the making of her stunning designs.

Allison Cole

I have been a fan of Nicole’s for years! She is the boss babe behind Allison Cole. (the combining of her married name and part of her given name) she makes gorgeous nautical inspired bracelets and necklaces out of rope, that are at once chic while also versatile. Her bracelets are stackable, which I love and so lightweight it feels like you aren’t wearing anything on your wrists. They are the perfect gift for someone who was minimalist jewelry, but still wants to be a little bit flashy. Nicole’s Instagram is another show stopper. She not only shares her designs, but also her coastal travels, including Nantucket.

Old Whaling Company

My second Southern company, and located right in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, is the Old Whaling Company. Established in 2012, they hand make gorgeous looking, and smelling, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, and candles, that make the perfect gift. Inspired by the seas, as well as a desire for clean ingredients and bathing products, they leave my skin feeling soft, and lightly scented. I love that I can use them and not worry about my skin having a reaction. They also have the best customer service, and also offer gift boxes that are perfect for the holidays!

These are just a handful (or a few more) of my favorite nautical inspired small businesses. These are companies that I trust and love and wouldn’t mind opening presents from this holiday season. (shameless plug?) In fact they are on MY Christmas List. I love supporting small businesses and with businesses like the ones I just shared, they are the reason why.

Have you shopped any of these brands? What is your favorite nautical company?

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  1. So many cute things! My favorite local store is The Funky Mermaid, which has vendor booths for 20+ coastal artists, jewelers, and crafters – shopping bliss!

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