Living in the Nautical

“Beauty of expression is so akin to the voice of the sea.” ~ George Matthew Adams

It seems I was born with a pen in one hand and seaglass in another. From a young age, I created stories, from ten word picture books that proved I do not have a career as an illustrator (my apologies to my teachers who had to look at them and my parents who felt obligated to keep them) to later on when I would free hand on paper and before I knew it I had books albite written in chicken scratch. That love stayed with me.

Dating myself profusely, I began to blog on LiveJournal. Thankfully the ramblings of a ten year old are now archived in the bowels of world wide web, hopefully to never be embarrassingly discovered again, but the blogging continued. I have blogged on many platforms. Had many names, all of which has led me to Live In The Nautical and the seaglass that I was born with in the other hand.

Despite growing up in the mountains of New Hampshire, the ocean has always been my happy place. It is where I have felt the most peace and the most freedom. It is where I gather my thoughts and channel my creativity. It is where I live.

Live in the Nautical grew from that. Life is to short to be typecasted into a small box. To not follow your dreams and live in the now, in the nautical. As a modern day Renaissance woman, I am a New England born and bred girl, living in the Concrete Jungle with a southern heart and perhaps some mermaid thrown in. A blonde Jetsetter, I have had varied interests and careers. Life is about dreaming, chasing, exploring and learning. It is about living to the fullest.

This is a space for the dreamer, the creative soul, the fashionista, the lover, the wanderluster. It is a space that is raw and honest. We are not along on this crazy ride called life and I hope you will know that with my writing. That you will be inspired and courageous. Kind and be love. And ultimately that you will live in the Nautical.


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  1. Hi Kate, I tried getting in touch with you about a week ago, but still never heard anything back – i’m just writing here to check that my comment is actually going through!

    Is there any way to reach you directly (like mail?) Thanks! 🙂

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